4 Ways To Boost Natural Collagen In Your Body

raw food natural collagen productionCollagen is one of the components that holds your skin together to keep it firm and healthy. It’s made naturally in the body but production starts to decline as we age, usually at some point in our 20s. While many people are quick to reach for a cream or have injections to replace lost collagen, it’s a much smarter move to work on increasing natural collagen production so that your skin can constantly rejuvenate itself.

3 Great Ways To Increase Collagen Naturally

1. Get plenty of vitamin C from foods, supplements and topical skin treatments. You’ll be able to boost collagen naturally when you get lots of vitamin C. Grapefruit, oranges, cantaloupe, broccoli and cauliflower are just a few of the many foods that supply this wonderful nutrient. You can also take a supplement either individually or as part of a multi-vitamin. Just be sure to read the label to see how much vitamin C is included in the supplement to be sure you getting an adequate amount. Potent vitamin C serums are also available to be applied directly to the skin. A vitamin C serum can be a great addition to your overall plan, but should be used in addition to food and supplements rather than as a replacement.

2. Another diet tip, you should also include healthy foods in your diet that will protect the collagen you still have as well as enhance additional production of new cells. Wild salmon is a well-known skin-friendly food primarily because of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids it contains. Be sure your diet includes plenty of essential fatty acids from fish. Fish oil supplements can be a good option as well if you don’t like eating fish or don’t have ready access to it. Vegetarian options include flax seeds which can be added to smoothies and other foods.

3. While it’s important to start with what’s going on inside your body, it’s also a good idea to take care of the skin’s surface and give it the help it needs to effectively build up collagen levels. A good collagen renewal cream can help in this regard, provided it contains the right mix of ingredients to support the skin’s natural collagen production. Kollagen Intensiv is an example of this type of cream. Although not as fast-acting as some creams, it works the right way and can show dramatic results in just a couple months of continued use.

For best results, don’t just choose one of the options above – try them all. Vitamin C serum, supplements and food combined with essential fatty acids topped off with a collagen renewal cream can prove to be a winning combination for your skin. They work much better when used together and you’ll see results faster that way. In addition, these tips are healthy and can result in feeling better and having more energy so you can keep up with your younger looking self!

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