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Recipe: Oolong Tea Ice Cream
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Pabst Blue Ribbon, pickled ginger, and cucumber-avocado sushi with wasabi. It’s my perfect, albeit weirdly combined meal. I’ve always liked sushi but was never fond of the price tag. Fortunately, if you can get your hands on some nori or soy paper, it’s actually quite easy to make it at home. Here are five great vegan recipes for sushi you can try at home.
Easy Vegan Sushi
From Pea Soup Eats, this sushi recipe includes some unusual but tasty ingredients like umeboshi plum paste and sushi rice seasoning (There’s a Mrs. Dash for sushi?) I also particularly enjoy this post as it uses some professional helpful pictures along the way.
Sunny Wholegrain Sushi
From Jennifer McCann’s popular Vegan Lunch Box blog, this vegan sushi entry is actually not so much of a recipe but an idea. See McCann’s neat idea for mandarin orange flowers (which were devoured by her husband) and a simple asian salad with lettuce, carrots, edamame, daikon radish, and cucumber.
Hot Sushi with Veganaise
If wasabi isn’t enough for you, try this recipe from the Vegan Etsy Team. This unusual combination includes veganaise (vegan mayo) and hot sauce. The rest are your typical vegan sushi ingredients you’d come to expect.
Tempura Veggie Sushi
From the VeganHope blog. The hardest part about this recipe might be finding a vegan tempura batter mix. When I stopped by the store, all I those I could find included eggs.
Bell Pepper Sushi
From Cooking Cache this recipe is a spin off the typical vegan sushi, replacing fish with red and yellow bell peppers and scallions.

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