8 Helpful Tips To Have That Healthier Thanksgiving by Kathy Smith

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It’s not a typo: this recipe is so tasty that your guests will brush the dish!
The ingredients are very simple, but the tricks are all in the preparation: the most important part is played by flavor and quality of the ingredients, rather than by solid things.
If you can find rustic bread cooked into a wood stove it would be perfect, but it is almost rare even in Italy.
The recommended extra virgin olive oil is the taggiasca one pressed in November, that has a very peculiar spicy taste, but for this you need to personally know somebody owning an olive oil mill.
This recipe, anyway, can be made using a normal microwave oven, so you can prepare it even at work!

The ingredients are for one person.

– 2 cherry tomatoes, ripe
– 2 slices of rustic bread (better that of the day before, crispier)
– 4 slices of smoked scamorza
– some leaves of fresh sweet basil
– a pinch of dryed oregano
– salt
– extra virgin olive oil
– a clove of garlic (it can be used for at least 20 slices of bread)


Cut in half the cherry tomatoes and add a pinch of salt inside them.
Peel the garlic and rub it over the bread, specially on the crust. In the photo it is impossible to see the difference between the normal bread and the rubbed one, but I assure you the taste is very different.
Slice the scamorza, 1/4" thin slices are enough.
Place the bread into a pyrex dish (the flatter, the better).
Add a thread of oil and a pinch of oregano over the bread.
Put a slice of scamorza and half tomato over every slice.
Heat in the microwave oven until the scamorza melts: for the most of ovens 2 minutes are enough.
Pull out the oven (be careful, the bread can be very hot).
Decorate with the basil leaves (they can be eaten, of course).
If you want to have something a bit more spicy, you can add some chili powder or a drop of Tabasco sauce inside the tomato before the "cooking".

Yes, Thanksgiving’s all about that great & delicious meal that you’ll be eating. All those yummy desserts and of course that roasted turkey centerpiece with all the trimmings. Who could resist those?

Well even if you’re going to be eating all those treats it doesn’t mean that you’ll ruin your goal of a lifestyle that is more fit and healthy. Here are some very good tips that you might want to remember so that you’ll be eating healthy during Thanksgiving.

1. Use lesser bread & more vegetables in your stuffing

Substitute a portion of your bread for onions, fruits (dried apples & cranberries), celery or onions. This 1 step alone will lessen calories that you put into your stuffing.

2. Add in more pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the healthy components of a Thanksgiving celebration. Canned ones are high in vitamin content more than the fresh ones are. Go add in pumpkin into your mashed up potatoes, breads, soups and even in your pie.

3. Make sure you won’t forget your vegetables

Take note of all those vegetables in season and try and incorporate them into the Thanksgiving dishes. You could play around with beans, squash, yams and sweet potatoes and play up your dishes with these vegetables in season.

4. Never rush

Don’t eat really fast as if there was no tomorrow. Be sure to savor the food you are eating so that you will experience that feeling of fullness once you are really full. If you eat fast, you might tend to ignore those feelings of fullness and get to eat more. There is always tomorrow for you for enjoying those leftovers. So enjoy the meal.

5. Indulge fun and sporty activities

It would be best to be active during this season. You could go out & have that nice long walk, play touch football with friends and family or you could just ride around the neighborhood with your bike. You could burn up calories which will really help in reducing your calorie ratio so you won’t add those few extra pounds.

6. Eat pies moderately

Thanksgiving celebrations will always have delicious pies. Don’t eat too much pie. It would be healthier if you eat those pecan and pumpkin pies because they are lesser in calories.

7. Lower fat content in your homemade gravy

If you have a gadget that separates fat, then use it. Or you could refrigerate those juices from your turkey before you make them into gravy so you can take out the fatty layer before you make it into gravy. With this method you save yourself and your family from lots of fat in the process and will make your homemade gravy a lot less greasy.

8. Have lots of FUN!

Thanksgiving only happens once in every year. Be sure to have lots of fun with your family & your family traditions then enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner meal

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