A Vegan And Vegetarian Primer

A Vegan And Vegetarian Primer

A Vegan And Vegetarian Primer

Many people are aware that the modern food culture in America and the West is very unhealthy, but most are not aware of the extent that the food we eat is causing our diseases and obesity epidemic. A large surge of people over the last few years have been seeking to find a healthier and more sustainable way to eat, but many still have misgivings about vegan or vegetarian eating. This text looks to give the reader a strong foundation for what vegan and vegetarian diets mean, how to do them in good health, and answer many other questions and misconceptions that people commonly have about vegan and vegetarian diets.


[Speciesist ad / Publicidad especista] Avicu
A Vegan And Vegetarian Primer
Image by equality
Texto por cada módulo, de arriba abajo y de izquierda a derecha:

1. "Abra la boca y diga aaahh"
2. "Tosa y diga 33"
3. "Siga el dedo con los ojos"
4. "Vamos esos oídos"
5. "A ver esa tensión"
6. "Es usted un pollo muy sano"
7. (su cadáver envasado)
8. (alas)
9. (san jacobos)

Este anuncio especista -que también ha sido mostrado en televisión- es curioso al menos en un aspecto, pues personifica a la víctima -el pollo- convirtiéndola en un "paciente" en un primer momento para vendernos su cadáver a posteriori. Juega con el hecho de que podemos pensar que se trata de un paciente humano siendo sometido a un examen médico general, para a continuación mostrarnos que se trata de un pollo y descubrir que realmente el exámen médico buscaba conocer su estado de salud para vender bien su cadáver y promocionar su consumo bajo la idea: "tranquila/o, la víctima que te vas a comer gozaba de buena salud".

Modules text: up to down, left to right.

1. Open your mouth and say ahhhh.
2. Cough and say 33.
3. Follow my finger with your eyes.
4. Let’s take a look at those ears.
5. Checking that tension.
6. You are a healthy chicken.
7. (his corpse plastified)
8. (wings)
9. (cheese and chicken sandwich)

This speciesist ad -also aired on tv- is curious at least in the sense that it personifies the victim -the chicken- by converting him in a "patient" in a first momment in order to sell us his flesh at the end. It plays with the fact that we may think it’s a human animal patient being examined by a doctor, in order to show us later that in reality he was a chicken and let us discover that the medical exam looked to care about his health status to sell us his flesh and promote it’s consumption with the following idea: "don’t worry, the victim you are going to eat was healthy".

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