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Italy’s exit from this football must have come as quite a shocker to many across the globe but their food is always a matter of celebration. With pizzas and pastas spreading to every nook and corner of the world, it’s Italy all the way!

In fact with brands like pizza hut, and the likes, there is a growing craze for Italian food. In fact most restaurants in the metropolis serve pizzas and pastas and Italian chefs and bakeries are prospering. A lot of variety is observed with a luscious taste.

But why only consider eating Italian dishes outside when you can definitely try them out at home? Well if you are tired of cooking Indian recipes, here is a welcome change for you. And learning them isn’t difficult either. With so many free online recipes your work becomes much easier.

So do try a hand on the various Italian recipes that are available online. From pizza recipes to pasta recipes to the most famous recipes of Italy, you get them all. Italian cuisine has developed so much since centuries. And there is so much more to explore.

Olive oil is indispensable parts of Italian cooking. The Italians also use a lot of cheese and tomatoes in their cuisine. Hence it’s considered to a healthy cuisine.

But if you still feel that your intake of calories would go high, then you surely can try some healthy recipes that will help you remain fit. But if you are amongst the ones who don’t really bother about anything when it comes to satisfying your taste buds, then you must try those exquisite non vegetarian recipes ranging from ham to salami, to various kinds of beefs and amazingly prepared baked chicken recipes.

So don’t cry over Italy’s exit from the world cup, there’s always a next time. Relish their food; you probably should not wait for that. Here’s a thing, enjoy the delicacies celebrating the joy of world cup in the African nation! And as far as Italy is considered, see you in brazil in 2014!!!

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