Arnold’s Way Recipe Book: All Favorite Raw Food Recipes

Arnold’s Way Recipe Book: All Favorite Raw Food Recipes

Arnold's Way Recipe Book: All Favorite Raw Food Recipes

Enjoy about 100 favorite, proven recipes from the Arnold’s Way kitchen! These recipes boast a track record in taste and nutrition that have stood the test of time. Most of these winning recipes come from the pages of the café’s wide-ranging menu—including The Original Green Smoothie, Banana Whip and Cheezeberger Sandwich—and some are favorites from potlucks such as Zucchini Orzo! Learn how to make the wildly popular Toona, Cheddar Cheeze and scores of other recipes! All these recipes have evolved over the years, just as Arnold’s Way has from its beginnings as a vitamin store. One ingredient has always remained the same: love. Those in the know call Arnold’s Way The Raw Food Capital of the World, and many the world over have visited this leading raw food destination. Hundreds of Greater Philadelphians call Arnold’s Way their Cheers for health enthusiasts. Enjoy every bite! Smoothies • Juices • Banana Whips • Dressings and Sauces • Appetizers • Soups • Salads • Entrées • Pies • Potluck Favorites

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Price: $ 19.99

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