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Jamie Oliver Recipe
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I love Jamie Oliver’s recipes. This one was quite good, I used potatoes from the garden and the last of the tomatoes from the end of the season (made on Dec 22). This is the book Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life…

Enjoy these delicious vegan meatballs for Meatless Monday or any time. Vegan meatballs are easy to make, better for you than meatballs using any type of ground meat. They are also more economical than meatballs made with ground meat because TVP and white beans cost much less than a pound of ground meat.
After finding a recipe online for spicy white bean and TVP meatballs from JL Goes Vegan, we played with the recipe until we found one we thought was very close to the taste and texture of meatballs.
You can substitute white beans or chickpeas for the cannellini beans in this vegan meatball recipe, but after trying several versions, we found we liked the white beans the best. The original recipe from JL Goes Vegan lacked the Italian flavors we like in meatballs, and we added garlic, onion and parsley to our recipe.
Vegan cannellini bean and TVP meatballs can be served with pasta and a simple marinara sauce, turned into meatball hoagies, or you can make small meatballs to use in vegan Italian wedding soup.
We used our own homemade vegetable broth we make in the crock pot using vegetable scraps, but you can use canned broth.
We also found that rolling each meatball in a little bit of olive oil kept them nice and moist on the inside and not to dry on the outside.
Vegan ‘meatballs’ made with cannellini bean and TVP recipe:
Instructions to make vegan ‘meatballs’ with cannellini beans and TVP:
How to make vegan ‘meatballs’ with cannellini beans and TVP:
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