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Mango Salsa Recipe – 12
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Online guide to raw food
Switching to raw food has many benefits but many people are not sure where to start and consequently are looking for an online guide to raw food to help them get started.
The good news is that switching to raw food is one of the best decisions you can make. Raw food has many benefits over cooked foods and one of these benefits include the fact that it is quicker, easier and cheaper to eat raw food instead of cooked food. The reason is that the ingredients you need for raw food are cheaper, you never have to spend any time cooking and you do not have to pay for the electricity you would normally use when cooking. In these tough economic times you can save money and go a long way to improving your health by switching to raw food.
Another reason why many people are switching to raw food is the benefits you receive as far as your health is concerned. During cooking many of the nutrients present in food are destroyed which leaves your food wanting as far as nutrients are concerned.
The only reason that people used to cook foods before was that the cooking would also destroy any germs that maybe lingering in the food. In Africa many people boil water before they consume it because the boiling part destroys the germs in the water especially since it would’ve been collected from a river.Nowadays we hardly have to worry about that which is why you would benefit immensely from raw food. Many people who are on a raw food diet hardly ever become sick and that is because their immune system is very strong and can easily repel diseases such as the flu.
Did you know that many people who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus are advised to start eating more raw food because it helps boost their immune systems? People who suffer from AIDS can extend their lives by up to 15 years by simply embarking on a raw food diet. But raw food isn’t just for people who are suffering from AIDS. Studies show that people who eat raw food only live up to 10 years more than people who are not on a raw food diet.
There are a lot of raw food recipes that are healthy and also promote weight loss on the internet and when you are looking to move to raw food you should certainly consider looking at our online guide to raw food. There are plenty of raw food recipes out there that you could to lose weight, live longer and stay healthier.

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