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Homemade Buttercream Frosting in 3 easy steps
Get ready to make the yummiest homemade frosting to top that great cake you just baked. This buttercream is vanilla flavored and is very rich. In three easy steps, you will have cake frosting that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! First, we are going to start with the tools and ingredients needed before we start.
1cup Butter unsalted (or Crisco shortening butter flavor) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla (a good quality extract makes all the difference) 4 cups confection sugar, sifted 1/3 heavy whipping cream, unwhipped

You will need an electric mixer and a sifter for the sugar.
Step One
Into a bowl, use your electric mixer to beat the butter/shortening, salt, vanilla, and half the confection sugar…don’t forget to sift it, so there are no lumps…mix together till smooth. This may take a few minutes. If you wanted to make it a different flavor, say root beer flavored buttercream, you would add root bear flavoring instead of adding vanilla… or use root beer and vanilla, half and half, to make your flavor unique.
Step Two
Slowly add in your whipping cream and beat a few minutes till smooth. You definitley do not want to substitute anything for the whipping cream because this is what sets it apart from other buttercream recipes.
Step Three
Sift in the rest of your sugar, and beat until fluffy and creamy… making sure you get all the lumps out if there are any. From here, you can add color to your frosting. I either use the Wilton colors you buy at the store, or the dye drops I have left around from easter egg dying. Add color and mix…Put frosting in a pastry bag or plastic bag, cut off the end to use as a pastry bag, to decorate your cake.
How to keep it
This recipe doubles easy in a mixing bowl, and it also freezes well. Buttercream frosting, when on your cake, will be fine left out in a cold room…but also may be refrigerated. When you use it under fondant, do not refrigerate…it will make your cake sweat and melt your fondant. Your cake will sit well on the counter for a couple of days in a cool room. I have left mine out for three days max in my house at 75 degrees…I live in Florida. Anytime I make a cake for someone I go ahead and use this buttercream recipe, everyone loves the taste of it. I use it under my fondant cakes all the time, except for my daughter’s cake. She is allergic to milk so I had to search for a vegan buttercream… which I have found and she does love it!

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