Changing To A Raw Diet For Dogs

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For years and years, domesticated dogs have been fed a combination of processed offal, crouton by-products and some meat, known as your dog food. According to some however, dogs are more naturally suited to a raw carnivorous diet, having descended from the feral wolves of the wild. Feeding greyhounds and sled dogs this sort of diet has apparently been a lasting tradition, but this practice has only gained popularity in the last two decades, but more and more people are drawn to doing the same in recent years.
Supporters of this belief have shifted from purchasing commercial dog food to feeding their household pets with raw food. Initially, the raw diet for dogs had to be prepared manually by grinding raw meat, fresh vegetables and throwing in some bone. But now, there are commercialized per-prepared raw dog foods that can be put in the freezer, thawed, and fed to pets. Processed dog food is said to have lesser nutrients as opposed to the raw and organic diet, resulting in dogs with greater stamina. General observation of the effects of this change in diet include: an improvement in coat shine, healthier skin, and increased energy. Other positive effects include a decrease in stool size and stronger, whiter teeth.
There are dangers to feeding dogs raw food, but just like with human food, it all depends on the preparation. The responsible owner has to ensure that the meat and bone constituents are washed thoroughly and stored in dry containers inside the freezer, and fed immediately to avoid the growth of microorganisms. Changing diets of animals is no different from changing diets for humans’sudden switches may cause short- or long-term adverse effects. Think of the switch as something like from a vegetarian to an omnivorous diet: the person will not like it, and at the worst, may even be allergic to the new food.
This is why there are recommendations to make the transition easier for both dog and human owner. One recommendation is to make changes to the feeding schedule, and limit the amount of treats that the dog receives, to induce hunger and craving for any food type. This will allow the introduction of the new raw diet with minimal rejection to complete acceptance. Another one is keeping variety: no one wants to eat the same thing every single day, and that is also true for dogs. They may become disinterested and stop eating altogether, so different combinations and of meat and vegetables are recommended. The best raw dog food recipes include a good variety of foods. Lastly, make meal times fun, like you would for a child’after all, your dog is part of the family.

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