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The young and the old, the men and women are crazy about the yummy taste of chocolates. Hence we can say that regardless of the age and gender all are very fond of chocolates. Chocolate mainly appear during the enjoyments or any occasions or for all happy moments. Chocolates are available in dark milk and white varieties with the use of Cocoa solids that will contribute to the brown color of the chocolates.

Chocolates are the processed raw food that is produced from the seeds of Cocoa. These seeds have bitter tastes but they need to undergo fermentation to get the sweet flavors. After the process of fermentation the beans are dried cleaned and then shell is removed in order to obtain the cacao nibs and they are mixed to obtain the rough form of chocolate. The cocoa solids contain the alkaloids like Theo bromine and phenethylamine that have physiological effects on the body and effects the serotonin levels of the brain. Most of the chocolates that are consumed in the present day are sweet chocolates. Milk chocolates are the ones that contain the milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains sugar, butter, milk but does not contain any cocoa solids in them. Few of the chocolates are very helpful in lowering the blood pressure.

Chocolates molded in the form of different shapes are gaining popularity and are loved by most of the individuals. Chocolate is also used in hot beverages and cold beverages to produce chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Chocolates were earlier used in liquid form but the same was turned into solid form by mixing the cocoa butter back to the dutched chocolate with the addition of sugar making a paste of the whole that can be molded.

Chocolates also have huge health benefits by the presence of few ingredients in them. Flavanols that are present in the chocolates are the antioxidants that will reduce the risks of heart diseases. Flavanols will also help in preventing the attack of free radicals that can cause heart diseases and cancers. This will also reduce the risk of cholesterols and will also help in free circulation that will help in free flow of blood to brain and heart. Resveratrol that is found in the chocolate will help in the change of the mood from the depression state to a happy mood by changing the levels in serotonin. Because of lot of benefits there has been an increasing demand for chocolates of different types.

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