Christmas For A Vegetarian

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The holidays are on their way now and the season of cooking has begun. In most homes you will find your mother or grandma frying a turkey or cooking a glazed ham in the oven. For a vegetarian, especially new ones, this time of year is difficult to resist the temptations of meat and over-eating sweets. So how on earth do we survive the holidays without packing on the pounds? With just a few easy steps.
Use artificial sweetener in cranberry salad
The cranberry salad is a tradition in my home and is made from fresh cranberries and sugar free cranberry juice. This dish requires some kind of sweetener unless you want to pucker up until the new-year. I suggest trying sweetener such as Splenda to begin with and then if the salad is not sweetened to your liking’s, add real sugar till just right.
Yes this is a common vegan holiday dish but the trick is to go online and find the recipe that fits you. I suggest minor test runs before the big day to get your “tofurkey” perfect.
Vegetarian Sausage Balls
Since the vegetarian diet is gaining popularity, the plethora of vegetarian and vegan foods are exploding into super-markets. One of my favorite dishes are sausage balls. All it takes is:
2 cups of flower 1 and 1/2 cups of vegan cheese 1tbs of cayenne pepper 1 pound of Morning Star’s Spicy Vegetarian Sausage

”Set the oven to 350 degrees and bake for ten minutes.
Set Vegetable dishes out for appetizers
Another tradition in my family is the massive dish of vegetables. This dish usually includes, celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and maybe pickles. My family likes to add diversity to the vegetables so we have a choice of three dipping sauces. There is the spicy ranch, made simply with ranch and hot sauce, the pimento cheese which you can add vegan cheese to and last the dill dip. You can order the mix for dill dip from the Amish country or from a small town boutique.
Saute Mushrooms
Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods and make a great side dish for the holidays. To cook mushrooms you need:
1 Cup of whole mushrooms 1 tbs of olive oil 1 dash of garlic powder 1 dash of cayenne pepper

Stir the ingredients into a frying pan and cook or steam until mushrooms are darkened. This dish can be served over rice or by itself.
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a safe trip. If you would like to send me recipes or request recipes leave me comment. Have a safe holiday everyone.

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