Conventional Fish Recipes with Those from Chinese and Thai Recipes Are Famed In Indian Restaurants

RECIPE: Decadent Guinness-Battered Fish and Chips
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RECIPE: Decadent Guinness-Battered Fish and Chips

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People go out for having dinner or lunch in the restaurants to have a taste of the delicacies that these eating joints have to offer. To cater to the palate of the common man, a variety of restaurants can be found, which prepare food items ranging from the Indian cuisines to those of the Chinese or Thai recipes. There has been a direct relationship between the number of restaurants and eating habits and enthusiasm of people.

In most parts, Chinese recipes are commoner than any other international food items as these are easy to prepare and quickly served. The varieties of items that can be prepared under these recipes are also a major attraction for people. The popularity of these recipes has reached to such an extent that one can find the Chinese items being prepared in the road side fast food centres.

Many people eat these items as their snacks while other find solace in eating the Chinese recipes for their dinners and lunches. Fish recipes as well as other non vegetarian recipes are found in the Chinese cuisine which are quite palatable and liked by young and old alike. Fish dishes are popular among many people from different religions and states of India, which is a reason for such demands of fish items in hotels and restaurants.

Even in homes, fish recipes are perhaps the common type of non vegetarian dishes as the cooking process is quick and the effective cost is always less than the other commonly served non veg recipes. People also know these preparations and they can make these dishes at home.

Some of the commoner items made with fish as the prime ingredient are found in many restaurants as well as under the multi cuisine joints. Some common fish recipes are machher jhol very famous in West Bengal and even in many home cooked food, deep fried fish, fish curry, fish korma, fish pakoda, fish tikkaa, yogurt fish, etc.

In the Thai recipes preparation, many fish items can be prepared one of which is Thai green fish curry, and many other non vegetarian items like coconut shrimp, Thai yellow friend rice with tofu, spicy prawn soup, ginger chicken and many more, which can be found in the multi cuisine, continental and Thai restaurants.

Some of the non-veg items under the Chinese recipes are thread chicken, pepper spiced chicken wings, boneless chilly chicken, sesame fried chicken, prawns in soya chilli sauce, etc which are popular items in the Chinese restaurants and in many fast food centres service Chinese foods.

Many hotels are coming up in the metro areas which are dedicated exclusively for the Thai food and delicacies and even the Chinese delicacies where non vegetarian food items are quite common. Since fish preparations and varieties are available in plenty, fish recipes are made throughout the year, in every season and in almost every hotel and restaurant. People are also coming out to eat good food and therefore choose to taste other food items apart from what is common in India.

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