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Indian Cuisine

Indian food and culture is very distinct from the rest of Asia. India?s long history and stint as a British colony has effected their culture in numerous ways. Many different regional cooking styles fall under the umbrella term of Indian, but they are all characterized by an expert use of spices. Most Indian food is vegetarian, but some dishes to employ chicken, lamb, and fish. In keeping with Hindu and Muslim practices, no beef or pork is used.

Those who wish to capture the intense flavors of Indian cuisine should stock their pantry with plenty of spices. Spices like coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, fennel, turmeric, and various peppers are used in all kinds of dishes. The most iconic Indian dish is curry, a wet meat and sauce combination served with rice. There are hundreds of recipes for this type of meal, and one can even buy curry powder that contains most of the spices mentioned above.

Be Creative with Asian Flavors

Most Asian cooking is reliant on achieving a balance between different flavors. Though the food can be very rich, it is also meant to highlight and enhance subtle ingredients like rice and bean sprouts. The tenets of Asian dining give a chef so much to work with that creating a tasty meal should not be difficult.

Those that create Asian dishes regularly should look into investing into a rice cooker and wok. Also, it would be a good idea to keep plenty of fresh vegetables on hand just in case the urge to add some Asian flare to dinner strikes.

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