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If you have some herbs or spices that you feel go well in a salad, add them now. I use some Italian herb seasoning which you can buy in any grocery store or supermarket, and comes in a little bottle. If you can find bottles or bags of Salad Mix, you’re even better off.

Add your spices of choice, if any, to the salad and then add, in this order, the balsamic vinegar, the white wine vinegar and the olive oil.

For the vinegars, hold your thumb on the opening and just drip each on there a little. If you like your food a bit spicier and more acidic, add some more of the vinegars.

A regular ratio between oils and vinegar is: 6 parts oil, 1 part balsamic and 1 part white wine vinegar.

What I do myself: 4-5 parts oil, 1 part balsamic and 1 part white wine vinegar. I don’t like to drown the salad in olive oil and have that dominate the taste, and I don’t want the salad to taste a little dry either.

If there’s any challenge at all in making this salad, it would be the ratio between oil and vinegars. This, ultimately, makes or breaks the flavor and overall quality of the salad. Fortunately, experimentation leads to experience, so just pay attention to how much you use each and learn from every time you make the salad.

Thanksgiving is the wonderful holiday season where friends and family can gather around a table and give thanks for a wonderful year. An added bonus during this holiday is also to enjoy the wonderful and delicious feast prepared in celebration of the event. While a traditional thanksgiving is centered around eating a turkey, it is very common nowadays to celebrate vegetarian or even vegan thanksgiving alternatives. Celebrating a vegan thanksgiving offers several health benefits to consuming large volumes of meat. However, to follow a true vegan health plan, you must follow a fairly strict diet, and not prepare food with any animal products at all. Many people are not aware and will add butter to green beans, or make rice with chicken broth. Read more to learn some quick and easy vegan thanksgiving receipes.

An incredibly simple yet tasty dish that you can present at your next thanksgiving feast is Thai Pumpkin Soup. Thai Pumpkin Soup involves a combination of pumpkin with a traditional spicy thai chili sauce that is very popular among vegan dishes. Add coconut milk to your mixture for the soup base. You can choose or allow your guests to select between adding large chunks of pumpkin or a puree version to deliver a creamier soup version.

Another vegan Thanksgiving recipe that also uses pumpkin is a Roasted Pumpkin salad. Caramelize your onions while you cook the pumpkin (the red onion is nice and showy) and then just simple add a dressing you like that you feel will go well with it. Once mixed just serve it on a bed of wild rice.

A few other ideas for vegan thanksgiving recipes could be simple green beens with OVOO (thank you Rachael Ray) and dill or a baked mixture of apples and brussel spouts. There are lots of ways to do apples and brussel sprouts so all you will need to do it pick one the suits your fancy.

With so many vegan thanksgiving holiday recipes available, it is not difficult to find a few that can suit everyone’s unique tastes. Vegan guests at your table will no longer crave the taste of turkey anymore if you can prepare a few of these simple and healthy vegan alternatives.

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