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Drinking water is essential for life. Water is an essential part ofany healthy diet. If you are on the Dukan diet then drinking water is one of the few non-negotiable rules you must follow. The recomended daily consumption of water whilst on the diet is at least 1.5 liters. Even if you are not on the Dukan diet, most experts recommend a minimum of 8 glasses of drinking water a day.

The Dukan diet is a high protein, low carb diet. Dr. Dukan has also strictly limited fat, sugar and salt. Dieters are given a restricted menu to follow but the limitations are not severe and there is plenty of choice at meal times. In “The Dukan Diet”, the best-selling book translated into 10 languages and sold in 20 different countries, the author provides a list of one hundred permitted foods. Whatever foods you choose to consume from this list are up to you and your particular tastes, the only thing Dr. Dukan insists upon is drinking water.

Some people naturally drink a lot of water and find drinking the required amount of water each day no problem. Others, however, find taking in the necessary amounts of water more of a chore. If you are on the Dukan diet and are finding it difficult to drink enough water here are some tips that may help.

Drinking water is essential for the correct functioning of your kidneys

If you’re having trouble drinking water lend a thought to your poor kidneys. The Dukan diet means eating a lot of protein. Proteins are high in waste products that are not completely broken down during digestion. Uric acid is one such product and it needs to be eliminated. This is a job for your kidneys. In order to cope with the work your kidneys will need a lot of water to help them filter and remove the uric acid from your blood. If you need a little motivation to drink water, think of the help your kidneys need.

Drinking water is cleansing, would you eat from dirty dishes?

You need to burn fat to lose weight. Burning fat leaves behind waste. The slimming process is not effective if the fat is being burnt but the waste is left behind. Drinking water is essential to flush this waste out of your system. If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to drink more water, imagine someone washing dishes. Would you eat off a plate that hadn’t been rinsed? This mental image can help you keep on track with your water consumption.

Drinking water is good for your complexion

If you don’t like the experience of drinking water, take your mind off it by thinking of how much better your skin will look. Hydration is the key to healthy looking skin. Being healthy is as much about what is happening on the surface of the body as what is going on inside.

You don’t have to drink plain old water

If you don’t like drinking lots of water, remember that you don’t need to drink it plain and flavorless. Water is just as effective in the form of tea, or even in a can of diet soda. Here is a tip if you don’t like drinking water on its own. Fill a pitcher or water jug with water before you go to bed. Add four teabags, a squeeze of lemon and some sweetener to taste. Leave in the fridge over night and you can have delicious ice-tea all throughout the next day. Experiment with fruit teas and mint teas for a refreshing flavour.

Let the benefits of drinking water speak for themselves

If you really can’t stand drinking water let the benefits speak for themselves. Tell yourself that you are going to drink the required amount of water on the Dukan diet for two weeks. After those two weeks are up, take a look at your complexion and see how you feel. I think that you’ll be so pleased with the results that continuing to drink water won’t feel so bad afterall.

Remember that drinking water is essential to a healthy diet, especially so if you are embarking on the Dukan diet.

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