Eat the Light: The Raw Food Diet as a Spiritual Practice (Waldorf Homeschool Series)

Eat the Light: The Raw Food Diet as a Spiritual Practice (Waldorf Homeschool Series)

Eat the Light: The Raw Food Diet as a Spiritual Practice (Waldorf Homeschool Series)

Are There Spiritual Consequences To the Way You Eat?

Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Education Believed So

The author was a raw foodist over twenty years ago, before it became mainstream. The research she found to support her claims as a Waldorf Homeschooling parent were based on the life force, or energy of food. In this raw foods guide, you will get a uniquely different view on food from Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Schools, Gabriel Cousens, a raw foods pioneer, the Vedas, Kind Parikshit, Buddha, followers of Jainism and many more.

Chapters Include:

  • The Problem of Nutrition & The Praise of Raw Food
  • Rudolf Steiner Was a Vegetarian
  • Rudolf Steiner on Nutrition
  • To Eat or Not To Eat (or What To Eat?)
  • Food for Life

˃˃˃ Do Animals Feel? How About Plants?

You’ve probably heard about Dr. Emoto’s Messages in Water and seen the Krilian photographs of plants reacting to different changes in their environment. What does this mean for the way you eat? More so, for what you eat? This book takes an intimate look at various aspects of history and food beliefs to help you decide which dietary path you will ultimately choose on your personal journey.

˃˃˃ You Will Learn About

– Biological Factors

– General Possibilities and Preferences

– Consequences If All Human Beings Were To Turn Vegetarian

– General Health Considerations

– Effects on Character

– Historic Considerations

– Ethical and Natural Considerations

˃˃˃ True Nourishment Comes from More Than Food

This book serves as a guide to spiritual nourishment for the soul. It does not focus on cooked food or raw food, but on health food and the spiritual, emotional and nutritional power of the food we eat. All food carries energy or a charge which can be negative or positive. From the soil, to the farm and the table, energetic nourishment has been a subject of interest to many people who are seeking spiritual energy for a healthy life through raw and living foods.

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