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levain bakery cookie recipe copycat
Image by Christi @ Love From The Oven
A double dark chocolate cookie inspired by the dark chocolate cookies at Levain Bakery.


Figuring out what to make each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be a pain, especially if your family is as picky about food as ours! Good food is extremely important to us. Now that we have developed a system, we can share it with you.
In our home, we eat vegetarian, non-genetically engineered (non GMO), organic, locally procured, sustainably farmed foods (in that order) for almost all our meals, while keeping our food budget at less than a quarter of our income.
It’s a challenge that we’ve taken on whole-heartedly. We’ve been through nutrition and fitness boot camps, done our research, spoken to our farmers, cashiers and grocers, we’ve read our labels and scoured the internet to ensure that our mealtimes are a healthy and joyful experience. So here, in no particular order, are the recipes we love. I hope you will enjoy this series on Favorite Vegetarian Recipes, and make the most of the various food sources at your disposal!
Special thanks to FoodAndWine.com for the majority of this recipe.

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