How Many Times Do You Eat Daily?

daily eatMy brother is a chef. A very good one. An excellent one. His sister hardly cooks. Shame on me! I love eating and I love food. I come from a culture of food. Good food. Lots of food and even more food. I am Hungarian. However, I have memories of Sunday family lunches at my grandmother’s house and all I can remember is the large rectangular shaped family dining table with crisp snow white table cloth and the other picture is me, throwing up in the toilet. I know…, I know…, I am talking about food but this memory, I think actually has an important part in how I got here that now I write about food and nutrition!
I absolutely love Hungarian food. It is tasty, it’s versatile, it goes with the seasons and it is rich in winter, light in summer. There is plenty of vegetarian recipes or heavy meat dishes that are just delicious! I might share with you a few traditional recipes later in another article!
My Mum was a great cook but sensible. She was a practical cook. Cooked because the family had to be fed and on weekend when she had the time and felt like, baked. That was sensational! When she felt like baking, my Dad, who on Sunday afternoons liked to watch the football on the TV while resting in his favourite amber coloured armchair had to beat the eggs! That was his job! I was sitting in the kitchen and helped Mum but my help mostly consisted of mixing and chatting! And….licking and tasting! I loved it!
However, this did not make me a good cook. I was too busy with my music and my parents obviously thought that it is enough that I study and practice and do my duties diligently. They did not demand that I participate in the family food preparation too much. By the way, my brother was born when I was 14 years old so he was not on the cooking scene for quite awhile. However, my Dad was a great cook. He was an impulsive cook! Cooked, when he felt like and of course when he needed to because my Mum was working. We loved, I mean looooooved when Dad cooked!
I came to Australia for a university position in 1994. In that first half a year I hardly cooked. Everything tasted so different that any recipe I tried did not seem to work or taste anything like I remembered or should have tasted! With that, a long, huge struggle started!
I went and looked around places where I could eat. Cooking was out of question. No fruit, potato, bread, vegetables or any ingredients tasted familiar. I felt like every fruit looked perfect but don’t bite into it! It has no juice, no flavour! This went on for quite a few years.
I discovered the Shopping Mall in the center of Canberra which was just a short stroll to the university and started to eat Chinese and Indian food which was similar to Hungarian cooked food. I think that saved me. Then I started to eat vegetables, fruit and nuts, some dairy later. After a few years my taste buds accepted the changes and my cooking was ‘existent’ again.
However, quitting coffee and cake that became a habit while working a lot to give myself a boost around 2-3pm to survive the afternoon and the late nigh rehearsing ans concerts, is not easy! Then the coffee and cake became a lifestyle choice while meeting people or working in cafes writing and running my business on my IPad. I am trying to quit coffee and cake. So this is was the greatest challenge of all.
It was at camping with my friends that I really enjoyed cooking. Limited resources, limited space and one pot and many hungry people! I cooked great soups at the camp fire!
I got back to yoga when after seven years I moved to Melbourne and decided to go vegetarian again. With that I was more back to myself and settling into my life in Australia. Then a few years of strange lifestyle, very unsettled and busy. Now, writing about this all, I start to put together and realize how much my job, work, partner and lifestyle influenced my diet!
Presently, I am back to normal. I have been juicing intensively again, exercising, eating great dietary supplements and making further changes to my lifestyle. I am making the transition into Raw Food and loving it!
I love clean food. I don’t like too many ingredients. I have never been into frozen and packaged food in my life with the exception of a very short period in my life which was really crazy busy at work. In the last years I prefer Organic. I hardly eat any meat or fish. I am happy on a daily one or sometimes two meals a day. I like to eat when I feel hungry. I tried a few times to eat 3-5 times a day, it almost killed me and I just can’t eat that frequently and the other, I have no time for that!
What really suits me is a Herbalife shake or a freshly squeezed vegetable juice with Chia seeds in it. Most days the juice is my preference, except if I am too busy. In that case a 30 seconds Herbalife shake is perfect. Lunch is my main meal. I am trying to make the transition to make a raw salad at home instead of eating a salad or a normal meal out somewhere on my way and of course, treating myself to a coffee and a cake… you guessed! Then at night I have the rest of my vegetable juice from the fridge or a shake. In the past the night indulgment was the biggest problem, especially when I finished rehearsals at eleven at night or later! I came home starving or went for a drink with friends and of course what can you get at midnight at most places if you are hungry? Coffee and cake! You see?
The Australian way of having your main meal in the evening never really suited me for many reasons. I mostly work at night so that as a main meal is out. However, most importantly, I was brought up to have breakfast then my main meal at lunch and something light at night and that really suits me. Breakfast is variable for me because I am not hungry in the morning. I used to have breakfast when I was a child. My Mum used to make something like an omelette or scrambled eggs or brought some freshly baked pastry with drinking chocolate! Wow, that was such a treat! Occasionally, I still do that, although the pastry I find here can’t compete with the childhood ones!
However, my most favourite meal of the week is a weekend breakfast! I love making a great egg dish, like omelette with mushrooms or scrambled eggs with crumbled goats cheese and Spanish onion. Sometimes we go and have breakfast somewhere with my friends on a Sunday late morning. Such a treat to chat, laugh and eat!
I am quite fascinated by this theory of eating 3-5 times a day. I have been researching the life of Monks and the eating habit of people in the East. Just the other day I came across a video of a close to one hundred year old yogi who practices every single day and is fit and healthy as none of us! On that video he mentions that he only eats once a day and fasts for a few days after that. When you look at many Asian people who live traditional lives, they only eat once a day. Let’s add malnutrition to this question. So if you add supplements and juicing to your daily habits, you can have a low calories but nutrition rich diet.

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