How To Ensure Your Vegan Meals and Recipes Are Low-Calorie – Vegan Weight Loss Advice

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Certain folk have trouble losing weight on the vegan lifestyle. Although the majority will experience weight loss on the vegan diet, there are always some who wonder what they are doing wrong. There are simple and easy measures that you can take to ensure that all of your vegan meals and recipes that you prepare are complementing your weight loss efforts. Let’s see what you can do to guarantee a slim physique.
1. Go steady with the oil
Olive oil and other healthy oils are essential for optimal health and will help keep your hair, skin and nails beautiful. However, because olive oil is a form of fat (the healthy type) – it is very high in energy content. Therefore, to keep your vegan meals low-calorie you should measure out your olive oil with a spoon just as your recipes call for – rather than simply pouring the oil into your dish.
2. Keep an eye on your nut portions
Many vegan recipes feature walnuts, brazil nuts or other gourmet nuts to make the meal flavoursome and satisfying. If you are hoping to see some weight loss however, only add nuts to one of your meals per day – not all three! This will help keep your diet low-calorie and low-fat and will ultimately result in a slimmer physique.
3. Don’t eat too much vegan junk-food
You should endeavour to make your own wholesome vegan meals and recipes as often as you are able, rather than opting for quick vegan junk food. This will make you in control of your food – and you can make your vegan meals and recipes as low-calorie and low-fat as you please. Vegan junk food on the other hand is terrible for weight loss, with packet chips, cookies, chocolates, salty nuts and soft-drinks the main offenders. These foods are too high in energy to eat on a regular basis, so please stick to making your own fresh vegan meals to guarantee weight loss.
4. Share your vegan baking with your friends
There are so many beautiful and tasty vegan sweets and dessert recipes that you can make nowadays – and let’s be fair, every vegan should enjoy their fair share. But when you do bake, only make one serving of the recipe rather than doubling or tripling it. Also, share your recipes with friends, family and colleagues to show a giving spirit and mostly to save yourself from unnecessary boredom or emotional eating! Even if your vegan recipes are low-calorie and low-fat – this will not really matter if you devour the entire batch yourself!
You can take control of your calorie intake on the vegan diet to ensure a steady weight loss. Remember to go steady with the olive oil, keep an eye on you nut portions, limit your vegan junk-food and share your baking with friends. Making wise choices as such will help make your weight loss a sure success on the vegan diet!

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