How To Go Green with Vegetarian Recipes

‘Pancake’, from the Burnfoot House recipe book, 1782
Image by National Library of Scotland
This page has been taken from the manuscript recipe book of Margaret Malcolm, which was started in 1782. Both the recipe for ‘Mother Eve’s Pudding’ and the one for ‘Pancakes’ were given to Margaret by Lady Elizabeth Carnegie, a neighbouring lady who appears to have frequently taken tea at Burnfoot.

In one of these recipes Margaret has written ‘half a mutchkin (ie an English pint)’. It appears that she may have felt more comfortable with the English measure. Certainly she was likely to have been influenced by English ideas as she frequently visited English relatives and her sons were educated in England.

The National Library of Scotland holds a fascinating and valuable series of seven recipe books which survive from the Malcolm family. The earliest was started by Margaret Malcolm in 1782, several were then written by her daughter Stephana and her daughter-in-law Clementina, and the last in the series was written by Margaret’s great grand-daughter, Mary Malcolm.

NLS reference: Acc.10708/1


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