How To Go On A Healthier Raw Food Diet

1967 Food Ad, Hormel Spam with Recipe
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Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Hormel Spam, with Spam Brittany recipe, 1967

Published in Woman’s Day, June 1967, Vol 13 No. 9

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While many people realize the benefits of going on a raw food diet, they do not know how to make the transition successfully. This is because when someone who has been eating cooked food their whole life suddenly starts consuming a raw food diet exclusively, it can come as a shock to the body and it can take some time for the body to adjust to the new diet, as with anything else. This time frame can be as long as 10 ‘ 21 days. It is important though to stick to your raw food diet and get through this period of adjustment.
When I started going raw, I also found it quite difficult at first. Previously, I had been a big fan of hamburgers and all those fast foods and found it hard to give them up. I believe that the best way to make a transition to a raw food diet, whether you want to completely convert to raw foodism or just do it part time, is to do it step by step. This means incorporating more and more raw food into your diet for a period of about one to two months. This will ensure that you do not miss out on the immense benefits that raw food has to offer and you do so in the smoothest possible manner.
One of the issues that many people have with going raw, is the perception that raw foodists have to consume tasteless food. This is just not the case! I also had the same perception when I was going raw, but once I had done some research and found a bunch of great raw food recipes I saw that this was just not the case. You can make a lot of tasty and delicious raw food recipes simply by having the right ingredients and by using a blender.
Raw food offers many health related benefits which include weight loss and maintenance, strengthening of the immune system and also increased energy levels. In order to take advantage of these benefits you simply need to find a good program which will take you through the process and provide you with all the necessary tools to safely make the transition to raw food. Many people who have gone raw report that one single change as the best decision they have ever made in their lives. They are now happier with their weight and also with their health. You can also enjoy these benefits starting today.

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