How To Lose Weight When At Home

1958 Food Ad, Campbell’s Soup, with 4 “Souper Sandwiches” Recipes
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"New! Hot ‘n Hearty Souper Sandwiches! Delicious and easy… nutritious and inexpensive… with 4-minute sauces made from Campbell’s Soups"

Secondary tagline:
"Good cooks cook with Campbell’s Soups"

Recipes include chicken sandwich with short-cut chicken sauce, cheese sandwich with tangy tomato sauce, ham sandwich with creamy celery sauce, and beef sandwich with minute mushroom sauce.

Published in Good Housekeeping magazine, February 1958, Vol. 146 No. 2

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People are very busy nowadays and with all the stress that we find in modern life there is little time for some people to exercise. People are more aware of the benefits of keeping fit and healthy though, especially when heart disease is one of the major killers in the United States. Therefore there comes a need for people to find a way to lose weight in the comfort of their homes.
Thankfully there is an easy way in which someone can lose weight in the comfort of their home and the great thing about this method is that it does not even involve any exercise. The answer to losing weight mainly lies in your diet and this is where we can lose weight without having to do much else, although for the best results I would personally recommend you also weight train and exercise.
The diet that can help you to lose weight at home is the raw food diet. This diet is very helpful because it consists of foods that have a caloric deficit. This means that the calories that are used to break down the food are more than those which are actually harvested from the food itself and this leaves the body with a caloric deficit.
The thing with eating foods with negative calories in their raw form is that when food is raw it is often harder to digest. Think about rice for a moment. Before you cook rice it is very hard and difficult to break down but when it has been cooked it becomes much softer and easier to digest. Now I am not saying that we should eat raw rice but what I am saying is that food in its raw form is much more difficult to digest and will certainly burn more calories along the way.
There are many raw food recipes out there that have this thermic effect which burns calories after they have been consumed. They key is changing to this raw food diet and then supplementing your healthy food diet with your exercise regime to get the best possible results. There are also many added benefits to changing to a raw food diet even if your diet is just partly raw food. Some of these benefits include a boosted immune system which means you are 80% less likely to suffer from a disease like the flu. You can read more about the benefits of raw food online and you can also find information about raw food recipes for beginners too.

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