How To Successfully Cook Vegan by Veronica Bettencourt

Mustard fish curry any one? Recipe is here….
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I cooked fish curry in mustard paste other day after a long time! Accompanied vegetarian dishes are masoor dal (red lentil), dhonka’r dalna (split pea lentil cake in a curry) and brussels’s sprout with bengali five spice mix.

Mustard fish curry recipe:

Any kind of freshwater fish or shad/cod/ mahimahi: 2 lbs
Mustard paste:
Yellow mustard seeds: 3 table spoons
Brown mustard seeds: 2 table spoon
Salt: for your taste
Little bit of oil ( mustard oil is good, if you can stand it!)
Little water to grind

Grind all of them in paste to in a small grinder.

Oil to cook: One or two tbsp
green chillies: two of them ( more if you want spicy)
salt: to taste and marinade the fish
Turmeric: to marinade the fish

Wash and marinade the fish for 5-10 minutes before cooking.

In a Kadhai or Wok add some oil and let it get hot. Add the marinated fish. Fry both sides very lightly. Add turmeric powder, green chillies and salt.

Now add the mustard paste with water and let it boil. Please do not fry the mustard paste. It makes the paste bitter. It should be dry curry not very watery and remove it after 10 minutes or so.

Plenty of people every year decide to switch to a Vegan lifestyle. This means that you certainly are not alone when it comes time to break in some new dishes that you have been drying to try. However, it does mean that you are going to be rather amazed at some of the great unique dishes that are available to try out. Looking for several ways to get started cooking Vegan successfully is not always easy, but if you have some patience and a bit of time to really plan out a game plan you will find that it does not have to be as difficult as it might sound.

The very first step you need to take is a good accurate assessment of your current cooking skills. If the idea of walking into the kitchen to cook has you sweating profusely then you are again not alone, but it will mean that you need to come to terms with the kitchen. If your idea of cooking is running to the local take out and putting food on plates or even eating straight out of the box you will again need to come to terms with the kitchen. A vegan diet is possible, but while eating out is also possible it is not as healthy, nor will you find the same amount of options as you can prepare yourself at home.

Your next step is to determine how well you can actually cook vegetables. Many people think that vegetables have to be limp, boring and bland. This is actually far from the truth. Using several different cooking techniques, it is possible to make vegetables that actually taste good! Strange as it may sound, it really is possible and if you do not already know these methods you will need to learn them quickly.

You should also dedicate a bit of time to learning a few of the simplest recipes. These will serve you well when it comes time to throw a fast meal together so you are not late for a teacher?s conference or you have unexpected guests coming over. Of course, everybody wishes they had time to prepare a full three course meal but alas, this rarely happens so knowing a few fast delicious recipes is sure to safe you at some point or another. Just be very careful to stick to ingredients that are common in your house for these recipes so you do not have a collection of useless recipes with no ingredients.

Look into a couple of cooking classes. This will help you to really master the Vegan cooking lifestyle. Giving up meat is certainly not easy and while there are some great animal product substitutes available on the market learning how to properly cook them as well as ensure that they are prepared correctly is some valuable information. There is certainly no reason to sign up for dozens of lessons though, most people can easily get by on just 2 or even three fast lessons. Just enough time to really cover some basics without getting completely lost. Looking at this as a great learning adventure will allow you to get the biggest benefit possible, and you may even decide that you want to take some additional classes and further expand your vegan cooking skills.
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