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A recipe card, found in one of my grandmother’s old purses, written by my grandfather.

It is a well known fact that Indian food recipes have attracted the attention of the people around the globe because they are preferred for unique taste and culture which is unparalleled and rarely found in other countries. Due to the diversity in tradition various states in India are blessed with their won cuisine regarded as a unique phenomenon by tourists who come to the country. One of the best Indian recipes includes the amazing Paneer Samosa, which is quite tasty and delicious for majority of the foodies wanting to have a pie of it. The Low fat Paneer is used along with a liberal dosage of capsicum as well as potatoes so that they dissolve in the mouth and introduce people to legendary flavor of Indian hospitality.

People should cook the mixture in the oven at about 400 degree Fahrenheit to make it tasty as well healthy food item. Other types of cuisines which can win over the hearts of the guest comprise of snacks like Aloo tikki regarded as very famous with simple method of preparation. Cooked peas are mashed together with potatoes and salt to provide immaculate taste to the users. Potatoes are peeled, cut and pepper is mixed so that the culinary offers a unique taste, quite popular among large number of Indians. After preparing the mixture, it is important to create attractive balls which could be fried in the oil and stuffed along with other ingredients to be served to the guests during wedding receptions and other festivals. Aloo tikki is also provided in major restaurants all over India because it is tasty and affordable.

Simple potato vegetable is one of the most important Indian recipes because it requires minimum skill level on the part of the individual. As a part of the non vegetarian cuisine, one can easily access the fish recipes which can be made with the help of freshly washed boneless marine animal along with the wonderful mixture of ginger and garlic in the fray. Usage of the flour and a generous dosage of egg would act as a stimulant to transform the cuisine into one of the favorites for the people. Indian Food Recipes are flooded with regional flavors like Gujarati and Punjabi which bring in their own customs and traditions enticing large number of foodies. Mixed vegetables and salad are used as embellishments with the traditional Indian bread to provide a sumptuous and memorable food item to the tourists as well as natives. Making the egg plant can be an amazing experience for the users due to the finely chopped slices of the plant and a mix of different types of pepper combined with potatoes as well as sugar.

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