A Brief Introduction To Raw Food

raw cookingWith all the chronic diseases that are prevalent in the western world today, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, more and more people are looking to raw food diets to help them lead healthier, disease free lifestyles. These people that want to live longer and healthier lives endeavor to consume food that is not heated above 118 degrees. Whether someone who is pursuing a raw food diet decides to go all the way or just simply incorporates some raw food in their current diet, there will be a noticeable difference in the health of that person.
People who have ‘gone raw’ so to speak, have reported that they have more energy throughout the day. Other benefits that they have found to come with switching to a raw food diet include their skin getting clearer and free of spots, an improvement in the rate at which they lose weight and also an improvement in the wellbeing of that person, emotionally at least. It is a well-known fact among people who have done a health class that when food is being cooked a lot of nutrients are destroyed in the process. These nutrients include things such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, essential fats and plant hormones. All of these nutrients remain in their natural form and are ready to be absorbed when they are taken into the body. Doctors recommend that people who be eating about 7-10 servings a day of fruits and vegetables and once you switch to a raw food diet, it will become second nature for you to consume this amount of fruit and vegetables.
Raw food diets can help you live longer because they ensure that you are not consuming too many unhealthy foodstuffs. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the Western world today. People who are on raw food diets will protect themselves from heart disease because they hardly take in any cholesterol if any. They also can hardly be fat or obese because they do not eat fatty foodstuffs. This bodes well for their future. Even the famous hypertension diet, which is used to lower the level of hypertension in people, has a strong raw component to it. It means that people who consume raw food are at an advantage because they have been preventing the onset of these terrible diseases from the start.
It pays to go on a raw food diet because it can add a decade or even more to your life. People who are vegans or have gone raw are known to live longer and although it is not easy to make the transition there are many raw food recipes for beginners available online.

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