ITP Blood Disorder – Good Or Bad Foods Make a Difference on Low Platelet Count


If you suffer from ITP Blood Disorder and are looking for ways to increase your low platelet count you will be interested to know that there are foods that are not good for your situation and super foods that can help your condition. We are what we eat and if we do better in this area are body’s have a better chance of healing.

Normal platelet count is 150,000 or more. If yours are below that but still above 40,000 you have a real good chance of improving them by eliminating food from your diet that is bad and replacing them with good foods. Yes, just by eating certain foods you can end low platelets. And the best thing is these foods, super foods, can be found in your local supermarket.

But first, out with the bad. These are the foods that can make things worse by aggravating your ITP Blood Disorder. Avoid greasy foods, mayonnaise, margarine and any other foods containing hydrogenated fats. Excess protein, sugar, processed starches and fried foods high in trans fats should also be avoided. This will take some discipline on your part but the rewards are worth the effort. Learn to read labels. The above foods will make ITP worse.

Your platelets can be oxidized by free radicals. These are abnormal oxygen molecules in the blood that are actually toxic. By correcting this imbalance you will decrease platelet destruction and your platelets will rise. Super foods rich in antioxidants are the solution to correcting this toxic environment that exist inside your body. Berries, especially blue berries because they are easily available. Where I live black berries are plentiful and would be great to use. Pomegranate is also considered a super antioxidant food.

Other powerful foods that will improve your health and help to pump up platelet counts are salads using darker greens. Also carrots, cabbage, apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables. The key is to consume fruits and vegetables that are fresh because this is when their phytonutrients are at the highest levels. Eat daily portions (3-4) of these raw foods and at lest one large salad (two is better).

If fresh is not available, frozen is next best. In the off seasons things like blueberries can still be found in the frozen foods section of your supermarket. One cup of blueberries a day is what you should be shooting for.

Always check your platelet levels. If they are under 40,000 than you have other issues going on that diet will not correct completely. but as long as platelets are above 40,000 these foods are safe and beneficial and will increase your counts and improve your ITP Blood Disorder. Patience is the key. These changes don’t happen over night and will take a couple of months. By sticking with a better diet however results will be achieved and overall health improved. Doctors care is important and choosing a doctor that is nutritionally orientated can be a great help.Article Source: is no need to continue suffering from ITP Blood DisorderNatural treatments have been proven to work. Would you like to know the secrets of a very successful M.D. who uses all natural methods?For The Best Resource For Dealing With Low Platelets

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