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If you’ve been wanting to try a raw food diet, you’re in good company. Kate Middleton has decided to go raw one day a week as a way of maintaining her great figure and achieving glowing, radiant skin. An article on her new diet reveals that she already has some favorite raw dishes, including ceviche (a raw fish dish), gazpacho (raw soup), watermelon salads, and tabbouleh. Almond milk is also on her diet.
What struck me most about Kate’s decision’besides the fact that I thought she already had radiant skin’is that anyone can go raw one day a week. People who have been hesitant to try a raw diet because they don’t know what they would eat week in and week out can start out with one day a week and see how they like it and how it changes the way they look and feel. Even one raw day a week can provide a nice health and energy boost.
There’s nothing that says you have to eat raw 100% of the time. In fact, most new research indicates that a 75% raw diet is actually better, to ensure that you don’t lack the nutrients you can only get from eating certain cooked foods. One raw day a week or one raw meal a day will still give you a burst of enzymes, polyphenols, and other nutrients that you wouldn’t get from an all-cooked diet.
It has been rightly said that it’s what you do consistently that makes the biggest difference in your life. If you eat raw on some kind of a regular basis, you will be enhancing your health and well-being, both now and over the long term.
If you don’t know where to start, begin by finding recipes on raw food web sites for foods and beverages that you like, or get a raw food recipe book at the library or bookstore. Hang onto the recipes that are ‘keepers’ and have those whenever you want a raw meal or a raw day. If nothing else, juice some vegetables, eat some fresh fruit, or try a smoothie.
As one guy aptly put it the other day when I dropped my change on the floor in the grocery checkout lane and he helped me pick it up, ‘Every little helps.’

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