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Illustrated 1947 Liquor Ad, Myers’s Jamaica Rum, with Planters’ Punch Recipe, Plus Free Rum Drink Recipes Book Offer
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"When does a Planters’ Punch taste best? When it’s made with Myers’s Jamaica Rum"

Published in Cosmopolitan, August 1947, Vol. 123, No. 2

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A vegetarian diet offers an array of health benefits. Many studies suggest that a plant-based diet is associated with a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Consequently, eating foods rich in nutrients that are freshly prepared and made from the best recipes will easily elevate the health of an entire family.

MealEasy helps members enjoy the full benefits of a vegetarian diet by making planning, shopping, and preparation as simple as possible. By offering over 600 protein-rich vegetarian meals, customizable vegetarian meal plans, and auto-generated shopping lists, MealEasy helps make it easy to come up with nutritionally satisfying meals. As such, sticking to a healthier diet as part of an improved lifestyle becomes easy to accomplish.

100% healthy meal plans

Sticking to a truly vegetarian diet is challenging for people who dine out frequently. While there are plenty of restaurants that offer meat-free dishes, only some qualify as 100% vegetarian. Additionally, many of these meals are cooked with a variety of added preservatives and chemicals that are not as present in home cooked meals.

If you’ve gotten caught in this rut, there’s no need to worry. Taking advantage of a specialized service like MealEasy makes the process nearly effortless. Simply browse through a huge selection of tasty vegetarian main dishes. Select the ones you find appealing and create a shopping list. There are even meals that work well as freezer meals, perfect for those busy and chaotic weeknights. You know, the one’s where you feel most tempted to order out. You’ll be surprised to regain some of the free time you’ve been missing, when you invest in just a small amount of planning for the week!

Nutritionally adequate vegetarian meal plans MealEasy features balanced meal plans to ensure that users get the required nutrients and meet calorie requirements, meal after meal. With MealEasy, one does not have to guess when it comes to nutrition. Every vegetarian meal has been created with guidance from professional dieticians and tested by our innovative chefs.

Customizable meal plans

Whether an individual is a vegan, an ovo-vegetarian, a lacto-vegetarian, or an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, coming up with healthy meal plans that meet all their preferences is easy with MealEasy. Just indicate any unwanted ingredients and MealEasy will come up meal suggestions tailored to fit these specifications.

MealEasy also helps individuals achieve weight loss, weight gain, and weight control goals. A user can customize menu profiles to meet their individual and family needs with a few simple clicks.

A variety of recipes

Many people automatically assume that a vegetarian diet may be too bland and boring. MealEasy blows away this incorrect assumption by featuring over 600 delectable dishes. Go ahead and try their new international dishes ‘ you’ll certainly find something to love. If you want to learn more about how to recreate their chef-designed, healthy meals in your own home, just visit today.

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