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The Paleo diet is the most popular diet around today, with a huge celebrity following. Most people think it’s impossible to be vegan on the meat-heavy Paleo diet, but the authors of Paleo Vegan: Plant-Based Primal Recipes have proven otherwise.
In an exclusive interview, culinary genius Alan Roettinger and vegan advocate Ellen Jaffe Jones discussed how you can enjoy delicious, nutritious Paleo recipes on a vegan diet.
Alan previously wrote the highly-rated Extraordinary Vegan. Ellen is the author of Eat Vegan on a Day. They wanted to write a cookbook that combined the Paleo diet’s emphasis on dairy-free, whole foods with the vegan focus on colorful, nutritionally-dense ingredients.
Jaffe Jones said a Paleo-vegan diet promotes effortless weight loss, consistent energy, more restful sleep, and improved athletic performance. Here, the “Paleo Vegan” authors answer our questions about healthy eating.
Question for Alan: What are the main protein sources on a paleo-vegan diet?
Question for Ellen: What are the health benefits of a Paleo vegan diet versus a “regular” vegan diet?
Question for Alan: Was it difficult coming up with recipes that are Paleo and vegan?
For more delicious, nutritious vegan recipes, check out Alan and Ellen’s other fantastic cookbooks:

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