Raw Food Diet & 10 Day Detox Diet: Lose Weight Quickly, Achieve Optimal Health & Feel Energized (FREE BONUS INCLUDED): raw food diet, healthy lifestyle, … detox diet, weight loss, detox cleanse)

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Raw Food Diet: Detox Diet: Planted Based Diet & Detox Cleanse Diet to Increase Energy & Natural Weight Loss (clean diet, clean food diet, inflammation, ... diet, weight loss for beginners, raw food)

Know What You Can Get Out of the Raw Food Diet Today!

You’re about to discover...

…what raw food diet is all about and why you should join the bandwagon. This book is a comprehensive, well-researched guide that provides information for those who are about to take on or are currently moving toward a raw food diet. It also lists down a handful of delicious recipes that you may enjoy while staying true to the diet.

The Raw Food Diet revolves around the central tenet that by cooking foods and thus exposing it to heat at a high level, the meal will lose much of its nutritional value. This is due to the fact that enzymes in the food, discovered to aid in the digestion of food as well as maintaining a healthy immune system, can be destroyed by the heat.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • An Overview of the Raw Food Diet
  • Why Do People Go Raw?
  • Raw Food Recipes to Get You Started

  • Learn Today How to Lose Weight Quickly and Achieve Optimal Health Now!

    Clear Both the Body and the Mind

    You’re about to discover how to...
    Do an effective detoxification of both the body and the mind while still retaining the needed nourishment. After all, forced starvation is dangerous in so many ways. Never trust other detoxification schemes that do not deliver results as promised and will make your health even worse!

    10 days is all it takes to detoxify your body! 10 days is short enough to not be torturous and long enough to get the results. It’s a manageable time frame that anyone can be successful at.

    Are you worried about your body’s bombardment with toxins despite taking great care and using methods to help your body get rid of them? If yes, this book is going be a vital source in solving all your problems related to detoxing your body from harmful toxins.

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to not just simply flush out toxic substances from our bodies, but also enhance the way our bodies naturally flush out those toxins. You will come to know several ways toxins enter our body from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

    Here Is a Preview Of What You’ll Learn...

  • Modern lifestyles carry lots of toxins that may harm your body
  • The body has its own ways of detoxification, but they are not enough
  • Cleansing the mind is as important as cleansing the body
  • Consider the detox diet as a transition phase to an overall healthier lifestyle
  • Everything organic is good
  • Never starve and deprive yourself of necessary nutrients
  • Colon cleansing is out of the question
  • Diet as an end to the means, not a means to the end

  • Purchase your copy today!

    Learn the best way to detox yourself without doing harm to your body.

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    Eating only raw foods, even for a relatively short time, will automatically lower your consumption of refined sugars and flours and most if not all fatty products. The basic approach in this diet is to increase the consumption of raw plant foods (fruit and vegetables), reduce or cut out completely the consumption of cooked food and animal fats and protein (i.e. meat and dairy products).

    Some dieters move away from solid foods completely, and the juicer becomes the center of kitchen activity. Unless you are already a vegan, it may be too extreme for you, so you could add solids in the form of fruit and vegetables.

    The emphasis on raw is the core of the raw foodist philosophy – the belief that the enzymes produced in the mouth when raw food is eaten act as catalysts and promote more efficient digestion.

    You will have to do a little planning before starting a cleansing program. Try to pick a period with no (or few) business lunches, restaurant meals or family visits. Obviously it’s no problem if you are having visitors, as you can control what you eat in your own home.

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