Raw Food Diet Plan

1958 Food Ad, Jello with Fruit Cream Pudding Recipe
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"Brightest pudding this side of the rainbow!"

Published in Good Housekeeping magazine, February 1958, Vol. 146 No. 2

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Many people are turning to raw food, in this day and age. With all the illnesses that are rampant nowadays such as heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer many people have turned to what God gave us to live on.
Raw food has been known to contain many of the nutrients that are now lacking in modern diets. You may or may not have tried to go on a raw food diet, but those who have been on a raw food diet will attest to the fact that making the transition is certainly not easy.
The first 10 ‘ 21 days of eating raw food are quite difficult to cope with. Your body needs some time to adjust to the new diet. This means that the best way to adjust to raw food is to take it slowly and make a raw food plan.
A good raw food plan is one which will make sure that you do not suffer too much from making the transition to raw food. It should also contain as many recipes as possible to ensure that you have a lot of variety, because nothing gets boring quicker than eating the same meals over and over again. Even the expert raw food chefs must think of new recipes every now and then in order to keep things fresh and prevent the whole diet from getting too monotonous.
A good raw food plan must also have raw food recipes that cater for different things. There are raw food plans for athletes and there are also raw food plans for people looking to lose weight. There are also raw food plans for people who are just looking to maintain their figure and just benefit from the nutritious value that raw food offers.
The key though to successfully transitioning to a raw food diet is having a lot of variety so that you can chop and change whenever you feel that a certain meal is not for you. There are plenty of raw food eBooks online that are packed with recipes which you can use for your transition into raw food.
Raw food is natural food and you will find many benefits to switching to a raw food diet. If you can just stick out the initial shock to your system you will certainly not regret your decision to convert to raw foodism, even if it is just on a part-time basis. Many people who have gone on raw food diets have reported that they have not been sick in many years which is testament to boost that raw food gives our immune system. There are plenty of other benefits to raw food also.

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