Raw Food For Dummies

raw dummies

Raw Food For Dummies

The easy way to transition to the raw food lifestyle

Celebrities like Demi Moore, Sting, Madonna, and Woody Harrelsonas well as experts in diet and nutrition have drawn attention tothe newest trend in eating: raw foods. As the demand for raw foodsincreases, so does the demand for informative and supportive factsabout this way of life. Raw Food For Dummies shares reasonsfor incorporating raw food into your diet and life, tips on how todo it, and includes nearly 100 recipes.

Whether you're interested in incorporating raw foods into anexisting meal plan, or transitioning to a raw foods-only diet, RawFood For Dummies will help. Main areas of coverage include thebenefits of eating raw foods, tips for avoiding undernourishmentand hunger, information on transitioning to the raw food lifestyle(including where to buy and how to store raw foods), along withcoverage of the popular methods of preparing meals, includingsprouting, dehydrating, juicing, and greening.

  • Features nearly 100 recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner,appetizers, and snacks
  • Includes advice on transitioning to the raw food lifestyle
  • Written by a veteran vegan chef and culinary arts teacher

Raw Food For Dummies is for anyone interested inincorporating raw foods into an existing meal plan, as well aspeople interested in transitioning to a raw foods-only diet.

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