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Raw Food - How To Implement Them In The Real World - (Be Your Own Nutritionist)


Raw Foods and how to implement them into our hectic lives in the real world.

I have got some different views on the subjects of health and fitness than what appears to be being pushed out onto the masses of health and wellness seekers. Just doing my small part & sharing my 1.5 cents.

This raw foods book here is part of one of my series teaching people how to be their own nutritionist. This has been my goal and will continue to be my goal as long as I am alive. This is a life long journey for all of us, not just something that we get excited about for a minute, then once that excitement dies down, we go out and look for the next shiny object that catches our eye and start the whole process over again.

That would be called a fad.

So trust me here, I am not part of any kind of cult or movement in any kind of genre. I am someone who lives in this ruthless hectic world just like you do.

I believe in balance based on each and every individuals own needs. I do not preach and tout one size fits all anything, whether it is in the diet, or the fitness section of health and wellness related topics.

Here are just a few things that are discussed in this book:

* Weekend (fruitarian) Warrior:
* Sticking to the basics:
* Combining fruits:
* Raw food smoothie recipes:
* Some different ways to get raw foods into your body:
* Here are some other ways that I implement raw foods into my daily feeds.
* How to eat vegetables that you cannot stand:
* How to find balance and create a positive mental connection with raw foods:

And this extra special bonus that people have been trying to get out of me for years!

* Top secret paleolithic Viagra recipe for men and women! (shsh… this is our little secret):
* The ancient secret Viagra recipe of our primal paleolithic ancestors.

Yes you read that right! Our paleolithic ancestors were the geniuses of all geniuses! They left us so many hidden treasures that the general public knows absolutely nothing about. Well I am going to slowly be revealing these hidden treasures to you all, and I will start with this one.

You paleo diet lovers may want to pay the price of admission just for this top secret hidden treasure passed down by your primal ancestors.

And while I have some of you paleoites here, go ahead and open up your mind just a little bit to leaning more towards a raw food lifestyle to counterbalance that acidic lifestyle that so many of you fad followers lead.

You crazy alkaline diet fad followers I welcome you in to the conversation as well. You all are just as crazy as the acidic herd is.

Let us all converse here and forget about the nonsense that goes on in the world for just a bit, in order for all of us to find balance in our lives based on what we all choose to put into our mouths for our body's to utilize as fuel.

I hope you scroll back up to the orange button and download this eBook and join in on the conversation. We are all equals in my world. I look forward to talking to you on the other side.

Carpe Diem


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