Raw Food Made Easy: Over 55 Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Beginners

Raw Food Made Easy: Over 55 Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Beginners

Raw Food Made Easy: Over 55 Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Beginners

Raw Food, as how it is labelled, refers to food which is not cooked on a high heat. It is usually fried, boiled, baked, roasted, and so on under 118 degrees of Fahrenheit. Raw food is neither processed in particular way. Raw food is commonly made of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains.

How is it Distinguished from the Cooked One?

An old belief was that whenever we want to consume any food, we have to cook it first to make sure that it is free of dangerous substances. Healthy food then was mistaken as the one which looks clean and which has been cooked.

In fact, it is not always so. What the so-called “healthy food” of that kind – cooked food, is indeed good for those who are genetically fine. On the contrary, those who are not are at risk of damaged cells and tissues which in return can accelerate the aging and raise various degenerative diseases.

Cooked or processed food is the one to blame for individuals’ losing 70-80% of vitamins, 50% of proteins, and 100% of enzymes. The loss of enzymes will make an individual lose the weight. More severely, his brain will get smaller both in size and weight. The outgrowing pancreas and the loss of metabolic enzymes are two other negative impacts.

In addition, when the food is being cooked, its essential fats are producig free radicals in return. As a result, those trans-fat will block the respiration of the cells, damaged them, and raise various diseases.

Furthermore, the higher heat applied to the cooked starchy food, such as crispy, corn products, potato, and bread, the more acrylamid (a highly-carcinogenic chemical) it produces. This is a big cause of cancer.

Research shows that today’s people no longer need to consume animal products, including milk and egg. It has also proved that animal products, if consumed too often and too much, will attack human health.

Consuming raw food will help you prevent from the above threatenings. Besides, raw food will not put you on flesh. Just the opposite, it help you gain your ideal weight. This diet, the basic of which is the various vegetations gives sufficient nutritious substance human needs.

Consuming raw food and free-of-chemical food will help you gain maximum healthy state. This is because the quality of the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutritions increase. The existing nutrition also helps you rbody get rid off the free radicals, and refine the damage caused by the cooked foods.

Nutritious food, therefore, is the main factor to keep your body healthy. Having learned the brief insight above must have made you consider to prefer the raw food to the cooked or processed one. How, then, should you begin with?

How to Begin with Raw Food?

As a beginner in the world of raw food diet, you might be scared of imagining you have to eat totally uncooked and, moreover, tasteless foods all the time. Actually, you do not need to. A public figure, who is also a raw foodist, Sophie Navita, suggested that you do not to get intimidated by the term “raw food’. For beginners, she said, it is already good to have half of your daily meals raw.

Sophie suggested that beginner raw foodists consume raw vegetables or vegetable salad. She added that the portion of the vegetables should at least be as big as the daily consumed cooked foods. It is much better if you can make it bigger. Beginner raw foodists can still consume meat, fish, or other animal protein.

How to Prepare a Raw Food?

As I told you above, raw food is not merely uncooked vegetables or fruits. Those foods cooked under 118 degrees of Fahrenheit are raw foods, too. Therefore, you do not need to be worried. This piece you are getting to know to at this moment is here to give you big assistance. Within this book, you can learn a bunch of delicious recipes for beginner raw foodists. Those recipes includes 10 entrees and main dishes, 10 fermented raw foods, 11 salads and salsas, 10 soups, and 15 green smoothies. With a change in your menu every three to ten days, you will not


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