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Raw food is one of the most nutritious classes of food in the world. Raw foods are foods that have not been heated above 42 degrees Celsius. These foods are the most nutritious because when foods are cooked most of the nutrients are destroyed.
There are two reasons why food is cooked. The first reason is to make the food easier to digest and the second reason is to kill some of the germs that could be harmful to people. Nowadays though, the food we are buying from the stores is now cleaner than ever. This means that there is little need to cook the food. Making the food easier to digest is now only important in cases of meats such as pork, beef, etc. By not cooking food we preserve about 80% of the nutrients that we otherwise would’ve lost had we cooked the food. Those are some serious nutrients we are putting to waste since the argument for cooking food has all but disappeared.
The benefits of consuming these extra nutrients that will still be present in the food if we do not cook it are immense. People who consume raw food have reported that they can go for many years without even feeling a bout of flu or any other niggling disease. People who eat raw food have also been known to live much longer lives than people who do not incorporate some sort of raw food into their diet on a regular basis. The difference can be about 10 years.
There are many useful raw food recipes for beginners that one can find in this online jungle. There are also some raw food recipes that have been known to help people lose weight. These foods can actually burn calories for you while the food is being digested. How can this happen you ask? Well these foods contain very little if any calories so when you consume them, you will find that the calories that are used to digest the food exceed the amount of calories that the body actually harvests from the food. This leaves you with a caloric deficit which is exactly what someone who is trying to lose weight is trying to create.
There are many other advantages of these particular raw food recipes. They have been known to decrease the chances of the onset of heart disease, diabetes and other common killers in the developed world. The best thing about it is that they are all natural, just as mother nature intended them go be.

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