Raw Foods & Healing with Brenda Cobb (The “Expert Interview” Series Book 1)

Raw Foods & Healing with Brenda Cobb (The “Expert Interview” Series Book 1)

Raw Foods & Healing with Brenda Cobb (The

This short, yet highly practical ebook features an exclusive interview with Brenda Cobb, founder and CEO of the LIVING FOODS INSTITUTE in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brenda shares how she overcame cancer in her own body from the raw food teachings of Ann Wigmore. Then she offers powerful principles for how anyone can adopt a lifestyle of living foods in order to help their own body heal itself.

Here you’ll find pearls of Brenda’s knowledge, gained throughout years of fulfilling her mission to help others reverse disease and pursue optimal health … naturally!

Among the many truths revealed are:

— Why many medical doctors often avoid telling patients about natural, holistic approaches to healing

— When medical professionals have themselves been eager to visit Brenda’s healing center for treatment of chronic illness

— How current allopathic medical guidelines often prevent health seekers from discovering alternative treatment options

— Why food guidelines often given to patients by oncologists aren’t right for those fighting cancer

— What are the 5 components of complete bodily healing? (And why nutrition is actually at the bottom of the list)

— How to overcome food addictions that can keep anyone from reversing chronic sickness

— The bondages of wrong thinking that actually push some people to reject natural healing

— How the pursuit of healing thru a natural diet can be customized for individuals’ needs

— The technical difference between “living” foods and “raw” foods … and why it matters when fighting disease

— Why a holistic approach to healing is the only way to completely cure severe chronic illnesses

— What the relationship may be between heavy metals and those suffering from candida

— How cancer patients who’ve undergone surgery, chemo and radiation still find help at the LIVING FOODS INSTITUTE in Atlanta

— Various methods for detoxing the body and helping it to begin healing itself right away

— And much more!

Brenda shares an abundance of both hope and practical wisdom for those seeking (or considering) healing with a living foods diet. And she concisely shares some great information about the mindset of healing that is uniquely found at her LIVING FOODS INSTITUTE.

If you want to know more about natural healing with a living foods diet then this ebook is for you.

Highly recommended!


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