Raw Vegan Recipes: Dill Potato Crisps – Easy and Delicious Homemade Potato Chips! by Vanessa Celic

Grandma’s Famous Roll Recipe
Image by Chiot’s Run
Last week my mom and I went down to my grandma’s house to go through some stuff. I asked my cousin about a few of my grandma’s recipes so I could take a few photos of them. She showed me all of grandma’s recipe boxes, they were filled with cards she’d written recipes on and clippings from magazines. She also showed me my great grandma’s recipe book. It was a collection of recipes scratched and pasted in to an old Railroad Ledger. It’s so great to see old well-used recipes written by my grandmothers.

I’m planning on taking these and making each one, taking photos and making a cookbook of family recipes, including photos of the recipes written by my grandma’s. I think this will make a wonderful Christmas present for family members.


Since a raw food diet requires that nothing be prepared at a temperature higher than approximately 46 ?C (115 ?F), the only way you can prepare certain raw vegan recipes is with special kitchen appliances. Depending what recipe you are following, you may need a food dehydrator, a food processor, a good blender, a juicer, and/or a spiral slicer to achieve some of the ‘special effects’ that make many raw food recipes possible.

Some of the most popular raw vegetable creations that can be made with these kitchen appliances are vegetable ‘pasta’ noodles, crackers and crusts, puddings, and sauces, or even dill potato crisps like the recipe below. Following a complex raw food recipe may require putting food through multiple processes in order to create a texture that mimics cooked food. However, the rewards can be considered well worth it, allowing raw food purists today to enjoy a vastly greater number of interesting and satisfying meals than raw enthusiasts from times past. Such a restrictive diet could easily get boring for some people without the modern innovations that come from advanced kitchen appliances. Discover for yourself which one works best.

There are many raw vegans who do not prepare these kind of complex recipes but still enjoy their raw food diet anyway. For example, fresh vegetables, sprouts, soaked nuts and seeds can be eaten alone or mixed the old fashioned way to create salads, vegetable wraps, and even nut butters, juices, and sauces (with at least a blender or food processor) that do not require any advanced appliances to prepare.

Whether or not, or how often you eat raw foods that mimic cooked foods is really a matter of taste and lifestyle. Some raw enthusiasts believe that mimicking cooked foods somehow takes away from the purpose of a living food lifestyle, while many do not believe there are any ethical issues so long as the food is not destroyed with high temperatures. Whatever your preference, there are many raw food recipes available online that accommodate raw vegans from the simple to the highly refined. We present the following recipe for your enjoyment:


2-3 potatoes

1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar

1/2 onion

Handful of fresh parsley

Approximate serving size

1 big batch

Machine use

Dehydrator and Optional Food Processor


Shred potatoes by hand, with food processor or mandolin.

Soak in big bowl of apple cider vinegar overnight.

After they?re done soaking. Drain and rinse them off in a colander.

While the potatoes are draining, chop up the onions.

Combine potatoes and onions in bowl.

Add fresh or dried dill.

Mix well.

Spread out on teflex dehydrator sheet.

Place in dehydrator on 110 degrees for about 12 hours. Once crisp flip over.

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Discover how to easily make dill potato crisps from the comfort of your own kitchen. Vegetarians of all types can enjoy these homemade potato chips with a few simple ingredients, some mixing, soaking, and low heat baking. Impress friends, family, or even yourself with this simple, yet delicious, recipe.

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