Running on Plants: The Optimal Vegan Diet for Peak Performance with Real Foods

Running on Plants: The Optimal Vegan Diet for Peak Performance with Real Foods

Running on Plants: The Optimal Vegan Diet for Peak Performance with Real Foods

Here you will learn to increase your athletic ability with real foods!

If it’s your choice, you don’t need to eat animal products be an avid runner. Vegan runners are always concerned about not being able to handle running if they took it up, either recreationally, or as something more serious and competitive. You don’t worry about fatigue or you body breaking down.

Athletes have noticed improvements upon becoming vegan and there are many studies to show this.

There’s a lot of science when involved in carbs, as well as understanding what carbs are good, and which ones are bad, and even “worse” than you will imagine. And, how many do you need? How much Fiber should you have and “when” is the best time if you’re getting ready for that big race?

Protein? You will learn why you need sufficient protein and how much, as well as vegan protein sources besides spinach and those common ones you may always hear about. Of course, there are some to avoid, and especially one in particular. Plant proteins are always boasted as being low in the protein building blocks. Here you will learn to combine them properly, including both compete and incomplete proteins. What is the #1 limiting amino acid in vegan diets? It’s very important to find out!

Why do people train with out knowing that fat is an important fuel, and how “essential” is it? There are low fat diets for athletic performance too. You will learn how much dietary fat you need and if a low carb high fat diet is useful for you or not. There are fats you will want to have, and many you will want to avoid.

For the vegan runner, there are important vitamins and minerals to consider. You will find a list and discussion about the vitamins and minerals you will need. Sometimes just eating a lot of plants won’t be enough.

Finally, included is a summary of what to do if you’re either a professional runner or an avid one, as well as over 60 cited references for you to peruse and use for any further research.

Here Is What’s Inside…

  • Learning about Healthy Carbohydrates, and how much you will need
  • The Right Amount And Types Of Protein Needed For Performance
  • Fat – How Important And “Essential” Is It?li>
  • The Essential Vitamins and Minerals for the Vegan Runner
  • Several Cited References and Research Material

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