Sindhi Cuisine

sindhi cousine

Sindhi Cuisine

Pushpee Moorjani shares her mother's traditional Sindhi cooking taking the readers down memory lane.

Sindhi Cuisine contains dishes that are enjoyed in every Sindhi home and takes you through more than 100 traditional recipes, presented here for the first time with easy-to-follow instructions.

Divided into 9 sections—beverages, breakfast, snacks, vegetable dishes, non-vegetarian dishes, rice dishes, accompaniments, sweets and desserts, and festival dishes—the author shares prized family recipes with tips and
notes about Sindhi cuisine, perhaps unknown to today's generation of
young Sindhis.

Relish the delicious Mitho Lolo, Dal Pakwaan, Rabdi Malpura, Taihri, Dal ji Kachoriyoo, Kheemey ji Talebadi, Ghate ji Bhaaji Aur Mei, Turri Channan ji Dal, Dhudh mei Chicken, Kheemo Dubroti, Machi Sahe Masale Mei, Sai Bhaaji, and Paniwari Khatair, to name a few of the many mouth-watering recipes documented in this book.


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