Slow Cooker Tlalpeno Soup Recipe – :

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"Something that begins with R" for the Daily Challenge group.

These are old family recipes, some of which I haven’t had (because they’re scary)

In a Dutch oven or soup pot heat oil over medium high heat. Cook the onion and carrot til it is softened, about 10 minutes. Increase heat to high and add chicken. Brown lightly.
Stir in broth, chickpeas, chiles and salt. Bring to a boil. Taste and adjust as desired.
Pour mixture into slow cooker. Cover and cook on high 1 hour. Reduce heat to low and cook another 5 hours, or til chickpeas are tender. Carefully remove chicken thighs to a plate or platter and remove skin and bones. Shred meat and return to cooker to heat through.
Serve soup garnished with tortilla strips, cheese and avocado and drizzle with lime juice to taste.
This was awesome soup!

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