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Ketchup Recipe
Image by Chiot’s Run
I got this book (Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It) from the library and I’ve made a few recipes from it. I’ve been making a lot of these things for years so they weren’t new. I was really suprized by the homemade ketchup – I usually hate homemade ketchup but this is great. Of course I changed the recipe a bit.

check out my blog for the full report & edited recipe:

Healthy Vegetarian recipes are requirement of the world today. When you cook vegetarian recipes then a lot of water and vitamins are lost due to heat. If you want healthy content in your vegetarian recipes then you should not cook in the presence of heat. Recipes for veg will be good for your health when you use juicy food, fruits and salads in your daily food. Most of the people like to eat food due to its taste they do not take care about its test. It is reality today many of us like to eat food only due to its taste. They feel the importance of vegetarian foods when they suffer a lot of health related problem. In starting of your food cycle then you should prefer vegetarian food in your daily food. It will be very beneficial for you because it not only give taste but also take care of you health. Vitamins, minerals and many proteins are available in vegetarian food. We all get energy and all the required nutrition elements form such vegetarian recipes.

Professional world is also aware of this fact that people are today preferred to eat vegetarian food rather than non-veg. Many hotels are today announcing availability of vegetarian food in their kitchen. People love to eat. Because it contains much reason one is health and second is taste. Vitamins A, B and E are available in food in huge quantity you can amazing that after cooking it 79% water and many other minerals are available in a lot. So you should prefer to eat uncooked food in your daily life to maintain your health and life. It will not only keep doctors away from you but also save your money.

Healthy vegetarian recipes are good for children which help them in their growing phase because in their stage this recipes for veg give their body all necessary thing which is required for their body. Vegetarian recipes are really boon for human but many of us prefer to eat animals for only taste it is sure that animal fat contains many harmful thing which can only digest when we work hard but the people in urban areas like to eat nonveg food but do not work hard and result is their problem in body so if you want healthy life you should prefer to eat vegetarian food rather than non-veg. So decide today you want healthy life are full of problem.

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