Vegan: A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Health and Unstoppable Energy Levels (Vegan Diet, Vegan Recipes)

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Vegan: A Beginner's Guide to Extreme Health and Unstoppable Energy Levels (Vegan Diet, Vegan Recipes)

Vegan Living At Its Finest

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Every person is a power house of tremendous energy. However, we get so caught up in our stressful routine that we neglect the basics that constitute a healthy lifestyle. This book takes you through different ways of tapping into that limitless energy within you.

One great approach to a healthy lifestyle is adopting veganism. This book introduces you to the concept of veganism as well as its history and origin. You can also read about the different nutrient sources that you can derive from the foods that are permitted by this diet plan. Learn the safe way to make the transformation from a regular diet into a total vegan diet. All the benefits of veganism are discussed in detail to motivate you to adopt veganism as a way of life.

When you finish reading this book, you will be fully prepared to make a plan all by yourself, ensuring that it doesn’t affect your health in any negative way. This book is an elaboration on the philosophy and practice of veganism that is not just a diet but a complete moral framework.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download Now...

  • Improving Your Lifestyle
  • Getting Started with Veganism
  • Important Concepts and Rules
  • Different Types of Vegans
  • What Vegans Eat!
  • Specific Food Replacements
  • Simple Tips on Going Vegan
  • Much more!

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