Vegan Comfort Food: Meals to Cheer You Up for Every Part of the Day

Vegan Comfort Food: Meals to Cheer You Up for Every Part of the Day

Vegan Comfort Food: Meals to Cheer You Up for Every Part of the Day

So what do vegans eat? Vegans consume only plant-derived foods. Meat, milk, eggs and even honey are off the table, quite literally. Sounds restrictive? Think again! There’s a myriad of fresh produce, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds that omnivores probably don’t even know about.

Look at your own, current diet. How many vegetables can you name? How many fruits do you eat? And besides rice, can you think of other grains? The truth is, an omnivore’s diet tends to be more restricted and is as susceptible to get boring as a vegan’s or vegetarian’s. It all stops with your creativity.

Quinoa, couscous, tabouleh, my goodness, that all sounds foreign and expensive. Nope. Vegetables, fruits, grains are nutritious and less expensive than any kind of meat, fish, or seafood. Cheap and healthy? Bring it on!

What about the stick-to-your-ribs, good old fashioned comfort food? How can vegans find good alternatives to melted cheese in deep fried batter, or scrumptious dollops of butter generously melting over a steak? How about one of the most comforting of all dishes, a bowl of mac and cheese?

You’d be surprised. The yam and lentils version of a Shepherd’s Pie is an upgrade from the original and if you’re into Italian food, there’s several varieties of vegan lasagna. You might think hat sounds so elaborate. Although it’s true that some dishes will take longer than throwing a steak on a grill, some others are faster to cook than chicken wings. For example, you don’t even have to marinate tofu! There’s plenty of quick and delicious alternatives to the foods you love!


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