Vegetarian Diet by Ivan sg Gow

Apr. 3 – Paper Recipe Hyperlinks to Memories
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It’s okay to have these recipes on the computer…but there is still something special about having a recipe on a paper card! The recipe card is LINKED to memories!

Oh my, I need to learn to make this as attractive as Mom does! I believe I will need to practice often!

Dailyshoot Challenge: Paper is versatile and malleable. From napkins to origami, it’s all around. Make a photo of something made of paper.

On a vegetarian diet was not easy especially when most of your friends and people around you are meat eater. For me, I started my full vegetarian diet since 1990, it was hard tough at first, but to stop myself from eating meat and stop killing animals I succeed till today. I am lucky as I have a group of friends who are like mind and my circle of friends almost 70% are vegetarian. This make my life a lot more relief and we are able to share our problems and points of view.

Vegetarian since 1990 , I love to cook and try new recipes of all types of Vegetarian menu both from Internet or dishes from eating vegetarian hawker stall outlets/restaurant. Thus I myself do lots of cooking at home. At one time, it was cooking seven days a week, which I put on lots of weight. In fact I put on 20kg after taking on my vegetarian diet. Presently, I will still do cooking at home two to three times a week and on festive occasion.

My love for cooking vegetarian food have taken me to explore the internet for new recipes and to try out new menu by food stall and restaurant outlets. As from beginning of this year 2009, I decided to set up My Favorite Vegetarian Outlets/Restaurant Blog and My Vegetarian Recipes Blog, which will list the best dishes that I have tasted and my favourite vegetarian outlets. I will post Vegetarian Outlets of Quality – Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant; Western Vegetarian Style; Italian Cuisine suitable for Vegan and Local Vegetarian Stall from Coffee Shop to Hawker Centre in Town. Those listed or recommended will be of the best standard and must be tasted by me.You can also expect to get my home tested vegetarian recipes from my Vegetarian Recipes blog.

I hope to share my experience to all vegan/vegetarian.

Happy Eating.
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Vegetarian since 1990,love to cook and try new recipies of all types of Vegetarian menu both from Internet or dishes from eating vegetarian hawker stall outlets/restaurant.

I love vegetarian cooking and foods, it bring about good friendship and beable to make friends . Eating veggie foods the right way also keeps you healthy. Be a vegetarian help in green living, promote healthy food, healthy cooking, healthy diet, healthy eating and healthy living.

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