Vegetarian Fajitas – Meat Missed No More

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The original fajita recipe uses grilled meat strips served on tortilla made of corn or flour. Ideally the meat has to be cooked with bell peppers and onion. Actually, fajitas can be made using all kinds of vegetables and meat from chicken to crab and from leeks to peppers. Traditional fajita recipe uses marinated skirt steak mixed with peppers and onions. Condiments that are popular with the authentic fajitas of the Tex-Mex cuisine include shredded lettuce, guacamole, salsa, cheese, tomato, sour cream and pico de gallo. With an increase in demand for meatless fajitas, many new recipes are doing the rounds.

The vegetarian fajita recipes use ingredients like mushrooms, bell peppers, tofu, potatoes, zucchini, sweet potato, black beans and many more. The meat is substituted with any combination of the above mentioned ingredients and then used for filling in tortillas making mouth watering, sumptuous and very genuine tasting fajitas. These fajitas taste as good as or even better than those made with steak. The vegetables are grilled and served hot for those who would prefer to make their own filling combination while the wrapped ones are also available. The grilled vegetables add a smoky flavor to fajitas that is its characteristic feature.

Black Beans Fajita

This is a very simple fajita recipe that can be tried by anybody. Cooked black beans, corn, salsa, green onions and red bell peppers are stirred in a skillet until the pepper and onions are tender. This mixture of beans and veggies are served wrapped in warm and tender corn tortillas and served along with salsa. Thus the procedure is easy and the time required for cooking very less. The seasoning can be adjusted according to requirements and rest assured – your guests will not miss the chicken.

Mushroom Fajita

This recipe uses mushrooms which have been cooked in water to which oil, salt and garlic have been added. Red pepper and onions are cooked for about three minutes and cooked mushrooms and garlic are added to this mixture. The flavors are enhanced further by addition of jalapeno peppers and cilantro. The mixture is spooned into the center of the tortillas which are folded and topped with sour cream and chopped jalapenos. The dish can be served with lemon wedges and lime salsa. The fajitas can be served in nacho style where in the filled tortillas are cut into bite sized pieces and garnished with cheddar cheese.

The vegetarian fajitas are easy to cook and healthier than their meaty counterparts. The variety of fajita recipes that are available for making them without the meat are plenty and with a little bit of imagination you can come up with different combinations that can tickle your taste buds to no end. This Mexican food is fast becoming popular due to the freedom of innovation and creativity that can be experimented with and thoroughly enjoyed. No, certainly not! The meat is not needed any more where fajita recipes are concerned and the vegetarians can enjoy and relish them too.

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