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You know, it’s just as important when you are a vegetarian to understand which foods you shouldn’t eat as well as discovering all the fantastic and tasty foods you should eat. However it goes further than that too, and this is something I’ve truly been so passionate about sharing with fellow vegetarians when they visit Vegetarian Like Me.

If you have never heard of Vegetarian Like Me, I’d like to encourage you to become involved within the vegetarian and vegan community and I hope that you’ll get a lot out of spending some time with other like-minded vegetarian and vegans. I’m so grateful for all of the support that’s been shown to me over the past couple of years I’ve been developing this website. I’m truly passionate about educating and helping individuals about the nature of vegetarian and vegan food and recipes. You know lots of people think that vegetarian food is boring. But it is truly not. It is amazing and wholesome and so tasty whenever you know how to make it and appreciate it.

But I know that some people believe they’re consuming a healthy diet plan already, although they’re not vegetarians. This is really part of the reason why I came up with the idea for this webinar – “11 Foods Vegetarians Should Avoid.” See, occasionally people eat stuff they believe is healthy and nutritious, when actually it truly isn’t. I’m going to reveal these eleven foods to you during the webinar, and I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to have raised eyebrows inside a few minutes of beginning to listen to it.

I share lots of ideas and recommendations in this webinar as well. It is not just a list of eleven foods you should avoid. We’re going to go on a voyage of discovery together, checking out all kinds of foods, seeing how poor they really are, and which foods you should definitely clear out from your pantry.

Now I have to say here that you simply shouldn’t worry if you’ve been trotting along, performing good, feeling like you’re truly embracing vegetarianism – only to discover that you’ve been eating some of the foods mentioned in the webinar. If I was to tell you about all of the setbacks I’ve had since I first became a vegetarian, you probably wouldn’t think me! You will discover about my slip up with eating rice cakes in this webinar for instance and how I had a number of of these foods in my extremely own kitchen. I really believed these foods were good for me along with a fantastic food choice at the time. I was so very wrong.

Another factor I want to mention here – and I go into more detail about this throughout the webinar – is the common belief that in the event you go vegetarian or vegan, you’re going to have vitamin deficiency issues. Now it is accurate this can occur if you’re not eating a good balanced entire diet. But if you know what to steer clear of and what to head for like a heat looking for missile, you are not truly going to have too numerous problems in this regard.

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