Vegan Gourmet Cooking made easy

vegan gourmetA growing number of Americans choose a vegetarian or vegan diet for a number of reasons ? whether they are due to environmental issues, ethics, health considerations or religious beliefs. The American Dietetic Association recently published a position paper endorsing vegetarian diets. The ADA contends that with a carefully planned diet, vegetarians and vegans alike can benefit from a fully healthy and nutritionally sufficient diet without meat.

Numerous health benefits include the possible prevention of several diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes. Vegetarian diets typically include reduced consumption of saturated fat and greater intake of fruits and vegetables that include nutrients that can often prevent the onset of disease.

However, keeping a vegetarian or vegan kitchen properly stocked can be difficult ?the onslaught of products cropping up all over the market claiming to be healthy can be deceiving. These products may also contain the same amount of sodium and fat as non-vegetarian versions. Often, products claiming to be vegetarian overlook the plight of vegans and may contain lactose, meaning eggs, milk or dairy.

One way to know for sure is to check for certification from the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). This organization was created to ensure vegan and vegetarian products are true to their word. More Than Gourmet recently earned the AVA Vegan certification seal of approval for its vegetable-based sauces and stocks.

The difficulty of finding vegetarian and vegan plates at restaurants makes home-cooking an appealing option. Cooking at home is easy with ready-made stock or stock reductions on hand. Keep your pantry stocked for a variety of quick, easy and tasty meal option with Vegan stocks from MTG, where gourmet meals can be vegetarian and healthy ? try these vegan/vegetarian recipes.
More Than Gourmet produces all natural, vegetarian and vegan sauces and stocks for healthier lifestyles. More Than Gourmet is proud to be the only company crafting classic French stocks and sauces in the authentic, old world tradition defined by the renowned Chef Master Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935). Made with scrupulous care, product purity and no shortcuts. Buy sauces and stocks at

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