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Smoothies and juices are an important part of the raw food diet. For people who are just starting out and making the difficult transition from cooked to raw food, juices and smoothies are an important way to acclimatize the body. Many raw food recipes can be very time-consuming to prepare. In comparison, juices and smoothies are relatively quick to prepare. They can often form a complete meal on their own, provided that they contain the right kind of ingredients. However, it’s important to remember that juices and smoothies made in the raw food diet are very different from other recipes you may have seen.
A Different Kind of Juice
When you buy juice that comes in a carton or can, you can be pretty sure that at some point, preservatives were added. This is to ensure that the juice does not react with the container and go bad during storage. A lot of juices also contain pulp that has been boiled at some point- this again is often done for preservation purposes. If you take a good, hard look at the ingredients on a juice carton, chances are that you’ll find it has a lot of chemicals, additives and preservatives and precious little actual fruit juice. This is understandable because raw fruit juice doesn’t stay fresh for very long. If you keep a simple concoction of lime, sugar and water out on the table, you’ll notice that it becomes more sour as it starts to ferment.
These are all natural processes that occur when making real raw fruit juices. In other words, you need to be prepared for the different kinds of tastes you will experience when drinking raw juices and smoothies. You’ll quickly realize that real grape juice tastes nothing like the processed juices that are sold in most stores. The same goes for most common fruit juices. So before you start juicing your fruits and veggies, don’t expect the same taste you get from regular juices and smoothies. Prepare yourself for flavors that are a little different but much more pleasing to the palate. In fact, people who have become accustomed to the taste of real raw juices and smoothies find other processed products completely unpalatable!
Smoothies and Juices
These two preparations have a lot in common but they have their own unique differences as well. Perhaps the most popular thing they have in common is that they are relatively easy to make. Because they are in a liquid form, they are also much easier to ingest and for the body to absorb, as well. This is why many people who are recovering from an illness take a lot of their nourishment in liquid form. It is much easier for the body to use. It is also easier to consume items that you may not like the taste of. For example, many people find it very difficult to eat bitter gourds raw. But if they are blended with other leafy vegetables, tomatoes, garlic, salt and lemon, you will get a very delicious savory smoothie. Juices and smoothies also work to keep your energy levels up and can cut your food cravings as well.
When it comes to differences, juices tend to be much lighter since they are just liquid. They can be digested very quickly and they energize you faster as well. They are also very quick to prepare and it can be a lot of fun mixing different fruits and vegetables together to make different juices. Some very enjoyable juices include things like orange and strawberry, apple and cantaloupe or carrot, cucumber and tomato juices. Before juicing them, it’s important that you wash them thoroughly. While having chilled juice is great for a hot day, it is better for the body to have juice at room temperature. For people who like to have a glass of juice in the morning, it’s best to leave the fruits and vegetables out overnight and juice them directly the next morning.
Smoothies are much thicker than juices and this is usually because they have a lot more fiber. Unlike juices, where the pulp is often discarded, everything is consumed in a smoothie. Because they have a lot more body, they are much more filling than ordinary juices. A smoothie can easily fill you up and keep you going for a number of hours. While many people like to make juices from fruits and light vegetables, smoothies can be made from exciting vegetable preparations. These are made by adding different vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and mild spices together. If it’s a cold day and you’d like something to warm you up, you can easily let the smoothie run a little longer in the blender. This will warm it up naturally and you will have a warm, thick soup instead of a smoothie!

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