Why Is Indian Food So Popular All Over The World? by Jeff Schuman

1968 Food Ad, Campbell’s Soup with Two Recipes
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Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Campbell’s Soup, recipes for making Swedish Meatloaf and Country-fried Chicken, 1968

"To make either of these recipes, you need 12 ingredients. 7 of them are in here."

Published in Woman’s Day, September 1968, Vol 31 No. 12

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Did you hear somewhere that Indian food is really good, but you are not sure you believe this? Then you have to understand the reasons this food is so popular with so many people all over the world.

That will help you understand that it really is good food or so many people would not like it. The following are the reasons why this food is some of the most popular and delicious food you can eat.

One: Flavor – The flavor for this food is always passionate and the spices that are used are always rich. There are so many different Indian dishes that are prepared with a lot of flavor and spices that will make your taste buds sit up and take notice.

Two: Wide selection of choices – You will never be left without an option for a good meal, which is one of the things that so many people enjoy about this food. There are so many different choices for everyone, which means finding a delicious meal will be easy for you to do.

Three: Vegetarian and non vegetarian – One of the things that a lot of people like is that you have your choice of vegetarian meals or non vegetarian. This is not something that you will find with other cultures that offer delicious foods.

Being able to go to a restaurant or cook an Indian meal at home and choosing a meal that fits with your diet preference is definitely a benefit for anyone because this is not always easy to do.

Four: Recipes and restaurants – These days being able to cook this food at home is important for many people and with so many different recipes you can use to help you achieve this, it is one reason people all over like it.

There are many people that enjoy going to a restaurant for their food and these days you will be able to easily find a restaurant in your area that serves this type of delicious food. Either way, you have choices for where you eat and for what you want to eat, which is not always easy to do with many different types of food these days.

These are the main reasons why Indian food is so popular all over the world with such a large variety of people. Now you just need to decide if this is food you want to try or if you just want to keep eating the same boring meals you have been eating. If you want a change and are searching for food that will always be delicious, no matter what meal you eat, then you definitely can’t go wrong choosing this food to eat.
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